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Pulsating 25W Portable Sound Music Flow StormBox TRIBIT Speaker 30-Hour EQ IP67
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Summer has started to take hold, and that also means more hours outside. For some, it also means the desire to take the music with them on the go. Today we take a look at a small portable speaker, the StormBox Flow from Tribit.

Before we dive into the test itself, we must have looked at the specifications that I have found on Tribit's website.

Specifications on the Tribit StormBox Flow

  • Type: Portable speakers
  • Frequency response: 50 – 20,000 Hz
  • Volume control: On speaker
  • Drivers: 25W
  • Audio Control: Volume
  • Connector: 1 x USB-C
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Weight: 660g
  • Size: 201 x 90.4 x 52.4 mm
  • Battery: 4800mAh (30 hours at 60% volume and XBass off)
  • Support for the following: Bluetooth 5.3

All about the Tribit StormBox Flow

Stormbox Flow is a small speaker that can easily fit in a bag. The speaker makes use of Bluetooth, and that's also how it connects. It can be connected to two devices at the same time. However, it can only play from one. It comes with a total of 25W drivers in the speaker.

Flow TRIBIT IP67 Portable EQ Sound StormBox Pulsating 30-Hour Speaker Music 25W.JPG

If we open the box and get the contents onto the table, we have the speaker, USB-A to USB-C and one manual.

25W Sound Flow EQ Portable StormBox TRIBIT IP67 Pulsating 30-Hour Music Speaker.JPG

Stormbox Flow has a neutral design, with a thin rubber coating. On the front we have the text "Tribit".

Pulsating StormBox 30-Hour EQ IP67 Speaker Music TRIBIT 25W Flow Sound Portable.JPG

At the top, it is possible to adjust the volume, as well as use the "multimedia" button to pause, change songs, etc.

30-Hour EQ Flow Pulsating Speaker TRIBIT StormBox Portable Music IP67 Sound 25W.JPG

In the side there is an input for USB-C, which can be used both to charge the speaker, but it is also possible to connect a phone to charge it.

25W StormBox Music Pulsating EQ Speaker Sound 30-Hour IP67 Flow TRIBIT Portable.JPG

The test – The sound, use and comfort

Since it is a mobile speaker, it will also only be music that will be the focus during the test. Although the speaker is compact, it still manages to bring a lot of sound with it. However, it requires a bit of adaptation in relation to the volume, where at high volume it also started to struggle a bit with being able to maintain a clear sound image and get all the details.

If desired, it is also possible to activate a Bass booster. Which gives an extra boost to the music, and it can be clearly heard when it is activated. However, it still does not help to lift the overall experience around the music, and especially not if it has to be played very loudly.


StormBox Flow from Tribit has a price tag of $79.99

25W StormBox Music EQ Speaker Pulsating TRIBIT 30-Hour Portable IP67 Flow Sound.webp

If you want to read more about StormBox Flow from Tribit, you can click on the banner above.


It's time to finish testing the StormBox Flow from Tribit. It is undoubtedly a speaker that is meant to be taken with you, whether it is in the garden, the beach or elsewhere. With the compact size, together with an IP67, which means it can also withstand a bit of rain and dust.

If we get through the price right away, then we hit under 500 kroner, which is also reasonable, as it keeps a price where many people can participate, even though there are of course cheaper candidates. Here, where the StormBox Flow justifies its price, is undoubtedly its IP67, as well as the sound, which we will return to in a bit.

On a full charge, and run it at 60% volume without Xbooster, it should in theory be able to hit 30 hours of battery time, which should also be plenty for most people when we look at how it would possibly be used.

Let's get to the sound. Here, the sound image is fine and partly also acceptable when we compare price and size. The Xbooster undoubtedly has an effect, and it can be felt that the music gets a little extra depth in its bass. Unfortunately, it is also limited by its size, and so is the extra detail in the music, and especially if you crank up the sound, could well have been better and more complete. Which also makes it undoubtedly to be seen as a supplement for outdoor use, rather than a speaker I would have standing in the living room to play music when you might have guests.

I end the test by giving the StormBox Flow from Tribit a score of 8 out of 10. It is a speaker that can undoubtedly bring joy and fulfill the need for some music when you are outside the four walls. But if you are looking for a speaker where you can really feel the music, then you need to upgrade to something bigger.


  • Compact size
  • It nicely boosts the sound for daily use
  • Can be used for several different devices
  • Price
  • IP67
  • Good battery life


  • The sound could be more detailed

  Score: 8 Pulsating 25W Portable Sound Music Flow StormBox TRIBIT Speaker 30-Hour EQ IP67.JPG

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