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Sharp by Devialet Battery SAM soundbox CP-LS100 portable speaker Sumobox
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Although the summer is coming to an end and the weather may not have been on our side, we still had the opportunity to look at a soundbox that has all the good options to bring around and deliver a lot of music without it having to stand firm to power. We take a look at the Sumobox from Sharp. A soundbox that doesn't come with a lot of lyres, but instead focuses on the sound.

Before we dive into the test itself, we must have looked at the specifications that I found on Sharp's website.

Specifications of the Sumobox CP-LS100

  1. Type: Sound box
  2. Frequency response: 55 – 20,000 Hz
  3. Volume control: On soundbox
  4. Drivers: 2 x 8" woofers, 2 x 2" tweeters (Speaker power 120 RMS)
  5. Sound control: Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb
  6. Connector: 2 x USB-A (Charging only)
  7. Channels: Stereo
  8. Weight: 9,7 kg – 10,1 kg (with or without rubber feet)
  9. Size: 310 x 630 x 268 mm
  10. Battery: Lithium-Ion (removable) up to 10 hours.
  11. APP: Sharp Life

All about the Sumobox CP-LS100

The Sumobox CP-LS100 from Sharp is a soundbox that can quickly resemble so many others in appearance and size. The sound is delivered with 2 x 8" woofers and 2 x 2" tweeters. Which together gives a sound output of 105 dBa. Next to that, it comes with a Pro panel, so it can also be used for more than just playing music from the phone. All sound is controlled by SAM® by Devialet

Sharp Battery CP-LS100 portable SAM Sumobox by Devialet speaker soundbox.JPG

If we open the box and get the contents onto the table, we have the soundbox, power cable, rubber feet, screwdriver and some manuals.

speaker SAM Devialet soundbox Sharp by Sumobox CP-LS100 Battery portable.JPG

Sumobox has a neutral and classic design for a sound box. At the top we have the Sumobox name. Through the grille we can sense the four speakers that the sound box has been equipped with.

speaker Sumobox SAM portable by Devialet soundbox Sharp Battery CP-LS100.JPG

At the back we have the pro panel. As well as giving control of the sound, bass, treble and reverb. Also comes with input for instruments or microphone.

by SAM soundbox Battery CP-LS100 portable Devialet speaker Sumobox Sharp.JPG

Sumobox comes with a battery that can be removed and keep the party going even if you don't have access to electricity. The battery provides power for up to 10 hours of use.

soundbox Battery by speaker SAM CP-LS100 Devialet Sharp Sumobox portable.JPG


In order to connect the Sumobox to the phone, you need to use their APP, Sharp Life. It also allows you to control many things via the phone if you don't have access to access the sound box physically at the back.

portable by Sumobox Devialet soundbox SAM Sharp speaker Battery CP-LS100.jpg

The test – The sound, use and comfort

We have come to the test itself. Where Sumobox must have run some music through. Already at the first song, I was incredibly surprised how good the sound comes out of it. It manages to bring many of the nuances into the music. Although it was turned up a little extra, the sound did not become distorted or worse, but it kept the good notes and could easily follow along.

I also ended up taking it out into the garden, where it was allowed to play through (with respect to the neighbours). Here I did not experience it limiting itself, now that it was on battery, and the hours I was outside, it played impeccably, without losing power in the sound.


The Sumobox CP-LS100 from Sharp has a price tag of 500$, which I think is a reasonable price range.

Battery SAM Sharp speaker portable CP-LS100 Sumobox by Devialet soundbox.webp

If you want to read more about the Sumobox CP-LS100 from Sharp, you can click on the banner above.


The time for sound boxes is about to be put on hold, but nevertheless, it is always relevant. There are more and more brands with sound boxes. Sumobox from Sharp is another one on the market, and this also means that sound and features are even more important, in order to stand out from the market.

Sumobox also does it without a doubt, and is one of the better ones I've heard. Where the sound is incredibly good, even at higher volumes.

The design itself is very neutral, and if you're looking for a speaker that gives a more disco look, with lights, then look no further. Where Sumobox clearly differs is with their sound and price. Next to that, they also manage to create a soundbox where you have the option of connecting instruments, which allows you to easily use the soundbox in several ways.

I will leave it up to you whether the extra functions will have a meaning for the individual. But I have been surprised by the whole experience of the Sumobox, and it has also been used extensively during the test, especially on the days when there has been sunshine.

I end the test by giving Sumobox from Sharp a score of 9 out of 10, along with "Editors Choice". A sea of sound boxes has started to appear, and it can also be difficult to know which way to go. They range widely in price, and it is almost only the budget that sets the limit. Sumobox, comes with a solid price, really good sound and you also have the extra functions, such as connecting instruments, if you have a saved Jimi Hendrix hidden in it.


  • Battery included
  • Software that allows for control
  • Incredibly good sound
  • Price


  • Nothing noteworthy

Score: 9 + Editors' Choice Sharp by Devialet Battery SAM soundbox CP-LS100 portable speaker Sumobox.JPG

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