SanDisk's latest high-capacity external SSD

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SanDisk is now launching its highest capacity external desktop SSD to date. The new SanDisk Desk Drive is a kind of desktop hard drive, but with a solid-state storage system inside.

Yesterday, SanDisk debuted its largest external desktop solid state drive to date. The new SanDisk Desk Drive - a kind of desktop hard drive-like product, but with a solid-state storage system inside.

Western Digital is marketing the new drive as a desktop SSD that eschews the compact form factor of mainstream portable SSDs in favor of a large capacity solution that requires a power cable.


We've looked at quite a few external SSDs over time, and have covered quite a few from a selection of manufacturers. But the new solution from Western Digital is a somewhat new format that tries to deliver serious storage space in an SSD designed to live on the desktop. The new SanDisk Desk Drive is only available in 4TB and 8TB configurations.

It lands on your desk in a sort of round form factor with a slightly bulkier footprint than your typical portable SSD, along with the usual gray and orange SanDisk color scheme. It measures approximately 10 cm in width and depth and just under 4 cm high.


As mentioned above, the SanDisk Desk Drive has an AC port next to the USB-C data connection, as it requires an external power source to run. One thing that comes as a bit of a let down for me personally is the speeds. It is advertised with 1,000MB/s data transfers. Despite marketing as an upgraded desktop HDD, the speeds are far below what we get with internal M.2 SSDs.

We naturally hope that with the new series, SanDisk has solved the problems that they previously suffered from with their Extreme series, which has been plagued by problems.

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