SK Hynix Announces SSD for AI PCs

Translate from : SK Hynix annoncerer SSD til AI PC'er
SK Hynix announces the development of PCB01, a new SSD for AI PCs with the industry's highest performance. This SSD presents improved speed, efficiency and security.

SK Hynix has announced that it has completed the development of "PCB01", which is a new SSD for AI-powered computers that boasts the industry's highest performance. Mass production is expected to begin before the end of the year.

The South Korean memory giant highlighted the breakthrough in performance by using an 8-channel PCIe 5th generation standard for the first time with their new PCB01. SK Hynix said: "Following our leadership in ultra-high-performance DRAM, represented by HBM, we have now also achieved the highest level of product development in NAND solutions and confirmed our leadership in the AI memory sector".


We can expect SK Hynix's new PCB01 SSD to have sequential read speeds of 14GB/sec and sequential write speeds of 12GB/sec, making it one of the best SSDs for the PC. SK Hynix focuses on the AI side with their new PCB01 SSD capable of running Large Language Models (LLMs) needed for AI training and inference in under a second.

The new PCB01 SSD is also more power efficient, with Business Korea reporting "more than 30% over the previous generation, significantly improving the stability of large AI computing workloads" . SK Hynix uses SLC cache technology for their new PCB01 SSD, where SLC cache technology serves part of the NAND storage cells as faster SLCs, helping PC users to perform their common computing tasks quickly, normal software, gaming, etc.

Security features are also built into the PCB01, with SK Hynix's technical team building a Root of Trust (ROT) into the PCB01 to prevent external security attacks and data manipulation, while also protecting your passwords.

SK Hynix plans to release their upcoming PCB01 SSD in 512GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities.

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