Tesla buys NVIDIA and AMD AI chips

Translate from : Tesla køber NVIDIA og AMD AI-chips
Elon Musk reveals Tesla's investment in NVIDIA and AMD AI chips for next-generation Dojo supercomputer. The goal is to develop autonomous technology and improve autopilot, 4D imaging and more.

Elon Musk, known for pioneering clean energy and cars, is not letting his company fall behind in the race to introduce AI-powered features. Musk recently revealed Tesla's investments in new NVIDIA and AMD AI chips for his Dojo supercomputer project. The goal is to bring a next-generation Tesla Dojo supercomputer to life for an as-yet-undisclosed purpose, focusing on some of the world's most powerful AI hardware.


In the latest revelation from Musk, Tesla is investing billions in this hardware purchase from the two companies, which explains the large amount. A new statement from Elon Musk confirmed the company's plans to deliver a new Dojo supercomputer, which is now under development by the company. He emphasized that it will not only rely on NVIDIA's acclaimed H100 chips. Musk also revealed the price of these H100 AI chips; a sum of $500 million will only give the company about 10,000 processors from the Santa Clara company.

A Twitter user @WhatsupFranks asked the billionaire about any plans to buy AMD's AI chips, to which Musk confirmed that they will also buy from the rival brand. Musk revealed that Tesla will spend more than the aforementioned amount, while acknowledging that half a billion is already a huge sum for this investment. Based on Musk's statements and confirmation, Tesla will invest billions to create this new Dojo supercomputer, considering both NVIDIA's H100 and AMD's MI300 AI chips for the project.


It's unknown how the company will make this work, but it's expected to be a new custom supercomputer for Tesla, focused on developing its self-driving technology. Back when artificial intelligence was not yet at the point where it was generative, Tesla was one of the recognized brands that talked about AI and how the company built it to create a neural network.

This supercomputer will help power its massive AI development, which in turn would help the company bring improvements and upgrades to its Autopilot, 4D imaging and more. A whitepaper on Tesla Dojo was published by the company in 2021 and this gave the world deep insight into what it is trying to create for the famous car brand, focusing on massive improvements for the technology.

Musk also boasted of Dojo's ability to teach its autonomous driving systems "top-notch" improvements, promising "zero accidents" for self-driving technology. Last year, Tesla debuted the Dojo ExaPod supercomputer, created with custom AI chips capable of delivering up to 1.1 exaflops to train its autonomous driving technology. Now the company and its boss are teasing the possibility of a new supercomputer or an upgrade to the Dojo, banking on NVIDIA and AMD's top AI chips to bring power to its EVs.

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