The Snapdragon X Plus has serious battery issues

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In certain usage scenarios, Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Plus systems have significant battery efficiency issues compared to others on the market.

Qualcomm introduced a less powerful version of the Snapdragon X Elite called the Snapdragon X Plus, which powers the base version of the Surface Laptop 7. Although Microsoft has positioned its latest ARM-powered notebook to take on Apple's M3 MacBook Air, a glaring problem was discovered , when YouTuber Luke Miani ran Cinebench, namely severe battery drain using the Windows notebook. This discovery clearly shows how a tightly coupled software and hardware system can improve the user experience.

Running Cinebench twice for 10 minutes, for a total of 20 minutes, the Surface Laptop 7's battery life, powered by the Snapdragon X Plus, went from 100 percent to 65 percent. Although Microsoft has hit the spot with the pricing of the Surface Laptop 7, the battery drain issue is still something to be discussed. But before we dive into this discussion, let's first review the performance of Qualcomm's latest and greatest chipset for notebooks, and the results are downright impressive. YouTuber Luke Miani ran both machines through the test and found that the Snapdragon X Plus easily beats the M2 and M3 in the MacBook Air when running Cinebench, meaning it will be an easy win for the Snapdragon X Elite.


Keep in mind that Cinebench maxes out the CPU and gives us a better idea of how much battery is being drawn. In this case, the M2 MacBook Air drops to just 90 percent after running the benchmark for 20 minutes, while the Surface Laptop 7 with Snapdragon X Plus drains to 65 percent. The impressive endurance of the previous generation MacBook Air weighs more heavily when we learn that the portable Mac is equipped with a slightly smaller 52WHr battery, while the Surface Laptop 7 is equipped with a 54WHr cell.

Want to hear something even more absurd? Luke has owned the M2 MacBook Air for two years now, so it's likely that its total capacity would be less than when it was first taken out of the packaging. Despite these drawbacks, Apple's latest generation MacBook Air comes out on top. Our guess at this incredible uptime can be attributed to the tech giant's hardware and software development. With the company having exceptional control over both areas, there would likely be benefits to owning this model.

With the Surface Laptop 7, Microsoft may be running its own Windows operating system, but it uses a "standard" chipset from Qualcomm. Even if both companies work closely together to adjust the hardware, the collaboration can never deliver the same result as Apple. You can watch the full video above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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