A deeper look at the Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Demo video
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Although the information on Apple's upcoming Apple Vision Pro "spatial computer" is still tightly controlled by Apple itself, we have received a little more detail via a new video.

As we wrote last week, Apple proposed that potential buyers of the 10,000+ kroner expensive VR/AR headset could try a demo of the set in an Apple Store prior to their purchase. In a new video, Apple has lifted the veil a bit more on what you can expect to experience and use the set for if you end up with one.

In typical Apple style, it is a very stylish and well-produced video that would like to give the impression of being a first-hand experience of Apple Vision Pro. The just under 10-minute long video shows a sample of some of the options the set offers the user.

It's a good mix of both pleasure and work, and it all looks impressive in the video. All, of course, presented as Apple would like us to see it. It's still important to keep in mind that there is still no adequate third-party coverage of the Apple Vision Pro experience itself. Here, Apple continues to keep the cards close to the body, even though we are approaching the launch.

Based on Apple's own information, and the feedback that has come from people who have tried the set, there is no doubt that there is plenty of advanced new technology in the Apple Vision Pro. The big question is whether it is a format that can appeal more broadly among users. With their iPhone, Apple created a completely new category of consumer products that we all take for granted today and that almost all of us use on a daily basis. It will be interesting to see if Vision Pro can develop in the same way over time.

It seems that the Apple Vision Pro comes from a sensible start. When Pre Orders were opened, all three versions were quickly sold in such large numbers that the expected delivery was moved from February 2nd to mid-March. So the initial interest is apparently there.

Although Apple naturally wants to drive as much hype as possible on the product, there is also some restraint to be traced. Among other things, it has emerged that, at least initially, neither Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ nor Spotify will be available on the Apple Vision Pro. The list of apps that won't work with Apple Vision Pro is longer than that, as developers have the option to actively choose whether to make their apps available on the new platform.

All that can of course change over time and is due to a multitude of things. However, it is interesting to note that these large companies do not believe enough in the new platform to prioritize updating their apps so that they can participate from the start.

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