Apple Vision Pro used in back surgery

Apple Vision Pro operation
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A medical team in England uses Apple Vision Pro headsets in back surgeries. A groundbreaking trend that confirms Apple's health vision. The technology can transform surgical processes.

A medical team at Cromwell Hospital in London wore an Apple Vision Pro headset during two back surgeries. Doctors call this device a trend-setting tool, thus confirming Apple's claim that the headset also has a future as a medical device.

Although the doctors themselves did not wear Vision Pro, it is reported that a nurse in the operating room wore the glasses while preparing for the surgeries and procedures. Vision Pro was used to display virtual screens in the operating room to select equipment and monitor the progress of surgery.

The software used by the hospital was developed by eXeX, a company that produces AI-based applications for surgeons. "It is a real honor to be the first team in the UK and Europe to use this software in surgery and I look forward to seeing how this technology develops and the impact it can have on hospitals as a whole," said Syed Aftabone, one of the Cromwell doctors who used the device, in a news release.

Apple Vision Pro

According to a recent press release from Apple, a company called Stryker is promoting the "myMako" app for Vision Pro, which uses 3D models and other tools to help doctors develop surgical plans for hip and knee replacements.

"With visionOS' unique capabilities, healthcare developers are creating new applications not possible before, transforming areas such as clinical education, surgical planning, exercise, medical imaging, behavioral health and more," Apple wrote.

The first operations with Vision Pro fit into the company's many initiatives, as Apple positions the glasses as a business tool for professionals from artists to accountants who might need an additional virtual reality display. Among Apple's other products, health is also on the rise, although so far most related products and services have been aimed at consumers, such as the heart-tracking features on the Apple Watch or the sleep features on the iPhone.

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