Apple Watch 10 may get blood pressure function

Translate from : Apple Watch 10 kan få blodtryksfunktion
Apple is expected to introduce a blood pressure measurement feature in the upcoming Watch Series 10. A revolutionary feature if they get FDA clearance.

Apple is expected to include a blood pressure measurement function in the upcoming Watch Series 10. Apple Watch already has a lot of functions, except precisely blood pressure measurement, which is already available for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 and Watch 6 models. It's worth noting that Samsung was the first to introduce a blood pressure monitoring feature back in 2019 with the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

However, the tech giant introduced the feature this year in India, which can be accessed through the Samsung Health Monitor app. "All signs point to the new Apple Watch getting a blood pressure monitor this fall," Gurman wrote in the Bloomberg blog. "But it doesn't look like this feature will come to the current models."

To offer blood pressure measurement and EKG fingerprint readings on smartwatches, the company requires certain approvals. If Apple gets FDA clearance, the next-generation Apple Watch Series 10 will be a big step forward for Apple on that front.

Blood pressure

Gurman previously revealed that the Apple Watch Series 10 might not give you accurate blood pressure readings at first. It will only inform you if your blood pressure rises or falls. Future versions of the Apple Watch will be able to display accurate blood pressure measurement results. The existing Apple Watch models will also not be able to access the blood pressure measurement function via a software update, as it requires specialized hardware.

As for the launch, the Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to go official in September alongside the iPhone 16 series. The next generation Apple Watch is rumored to include microLED display technology. In addition to blood pressure measurement, a sleep apnea detection function is also expected from the Watch Series 10.

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