Apple Watch Series 10: Thinner with new technology

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Apple's Watch Series 10 could be thinner and lighter with RCC technology. New features may include a new strap system and blood pressure monitoring. Launch is expected in the autumn.

The Apple Watch Series 10 has long been the subject of rumors of a sweeping exterior change, and one of those reported changes is a thinner build than the Watch Series 9.

Now a new report sheds light on how Apple can achieve this in its 10th generation Watch Series. According to the media DigiTimes, there is now talk in Apple's supply chain that the iPhone manufacturer plans to incorporate RCC or Resin Coated Copper technology into the Watch Series 10's motherboard. As it was described by the source, the adoption of RCC will eliminate the drilling process as it drops the use of fiberglass in the logic or main board.

This would result in more compact internal components of the device. Apple will therefore be able to make the Watch Series 10 thinner and lighter with this, if it actually uses the new technology.

This isn't the first time we've heard of Apple taking advantage of the technology. Back in 2023, noted leaker and consultant Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple intends to use RCC in iPhones. However, he added that it will only be ready in iPhone 17, and not in this year's iPhone 16, due to further testing.

In addition to being thinner, the Watch Series 10 is rumored to have a new design that is markedly different from the existing Apple Watches. In addition, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has added that the Watch Series 10 could come with a new band mechanism and a blood pressure measurement function that is limited to high/low alerts.

There was also talk of the Watch Series 10 being renamed the Watch X to mark the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch. But there is no concrete evidence for this renaming yet.

As for the launch of the Watch Series 10, Apple is expected to unveil the smartwatch alongside the Watch Ultra 3 later this fall. The most likely date is in September, when the iPhone 16 will also be revealed.

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