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If you would like to secure your home with surveillance, there are several different solutions. Arlo has a wide selection of products for surveillance, both inside and outside, which you can put together as you need. Today we're taking a look at the physical devices of the Arlo ecosystem, and the Arlo Secure app that ties it all together.

Options for all needs

Needs and requirements for home monitoring can vary greatly, depending on things such as the size of the home and wishes for a solution.

Perhaps you would like to have the whole home well covered, or perhaps you want a smaller solution where only specific areas, inside or outside, must be monitored. It may also be that it is not the anchored home itself that you want monitored, but rather the caravan or boat.

Arlo home monitoring

Arlo has a wide selection of solutions that can cover most needs. The core of their products are made so that they must be connected to your home network, or run via a Smart Hub. This applies to their Pro and Ultra series, which are intended for use at home with a WiFi network.

Sim card and MicroSD Arlo Go 2.JPG

However, there are also options for using mobile networks via their Arlo Go camera. That way, you have a 100% mobile solution that only requires mobile coverage to be used. This means that you can move your monitoring to locations where you do not have a fixed WiFi connection. It could be your boat or caravan, for example.

Cable or battery

With the selection of cameras from Arlo, you have the option of flexible solutions, as you can choose a solution that runs on batteries. This means that you don't have to think about being able to draw power to a camera when choosing a location.

Battery mount Arlo Ultra 2.JPG

If you don't want to wonder if your camera is continuously powered, then there is also the option of connecting a fixed power connection to the Arlo cameras.

Arlo Solar panel.jpg

Alternatively, Arlo has accessories, such as their Solar Panels, that can be used with both the Pro and Ultra series of cameras.

An App brings it all together in the cloud

The core of the solution from Arlo is their Arlo secure app. It is the entrance to setting up and controlling your Arlo system.

Here you are easily guided through the setup of your Arlo cameras. There are good instructions and tips on how to get the most out of your Arlo products.

Once you have set up your devices, it is also through the Arlo Secure app that you can access the connected devices.

Arlo Secure app add new device.jpg

Via Arlo Secure, you can view a live feed from the connected devices or adjust the settings at any time. There are wide options for deciding when and what things your devices should react to.

Surveillance Arlo Ultra 2.JPG

It is even possible via the app to connect several devices so that they react together if one or more devices detect movement or sound.

In the same way, it is possible to select areas on or off in the monitoring. The system is also smart enough to be able to sort out animals, so that your pets don't activate the system if you don't want them to.

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When the system detects sound or movement, it can be set up so that you receive notifications on your phone. That way, you can keep an eye on things at home, even if you are away on holiday.

Library recordings Arlo Secure.jpg

If the worst happens and you have uninvited guests, recordings can be automatically saved in the cloud. You then have the opportunity to review them later, or share them with the police if necessary.

Base station Arlo Ultra 2.JPG

If you have an Arlo Smart Hub connected to your system, it is also possible to save your recordings locally on a MicroSD card.


Arlo Secure also works with a wide selection of Smart Assistants, such as Alexa, Google Home or SmartThings, so you have the option of connecting your Arlo system with the rest of your Smart Home setup.

Arlo Secure push notification.jpg

However, certain features of Arlo Secure require an ongoing subscription to Arlo.

If you want to know more about the possibilities with an Arlo system, you can read our reviews on this page or stop by Arlo and read more.

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