BMW reduces CO2 emissions in 2023

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Translate from : BMW reducerer CO2-udledning i 2023
The BMW Group continues to reduce CO emissions for its entire fleet and is making important efforts to achieve its ambitious CO reduction targets. In 2023, 376,183 fully electric vehicles were sold worldwide - an increase of 74.4% from 2022.

The BMW Group continues to take steps towards a greener future by systematically reducing CO emissions from its entire fleet. This is an important part of the company's efforts to achieve its ambitious goals for CO reduction across the entire group. Based on preliminary internal calculations, the BMW Group's EU fleet emissions for 2023 came in at 102.1 grams per kilometer (WLTP), which is a reduction of 2.8 percent from the previous year. This performance surpassed the current company fleet target set by the EU27+2 (EU, Norway, Iceland) of 128.5 grams per kilometer, by 26.4 grams in 2023.

These figures underline the BMW Group's commitment to reducing environmental impact and working towards a more sustainable future. A key driving force behind the BMW Group's efforts to reduce fleet emissions is the implementation of its electrification strategy. By 2023, the company sold a total of 376,183 fully electric vehicles worldwide. This is an increase of 74.4% compared to 2022. With this growth, the BMW Group's sales of fully electric vehicles surpassed the growth of the overall BEV market. With more than 15 fully electric models in its portfolio, the BMW Group aims to continue its successful BEV growth in 2024.


One in five of the company's newly delivered vehicles should have a fully electric drive system this year; by 2025 it should be one in four. In addition to increasing the electrification of the BMW Group's fleet, the continued further development of conventional drive systems has also contributed to lowering CO emissions. The latest update to the drive system package has further improved the efficiency of internal combustion engines, especially since autumn 2022. The BMW Group sees the continuous reduction of emissions across its vehicle fleet as an integral part of its sustainability strategy.

By 2030, the company plans to reduce its total CO emissions by at least 40 percent per vehicle from 2019 levels. The aim is to achieve this throughout the value chain - from the supply chain to production to the use phase. The BMW Group plans to be climate neutral by 2050 at the latest. With these goals, the BMW Group is on a path that is in line with the Paris climate goal to limit global warming. The company is the first German car manufacturer to join the "Business Ambition for 1.5° C" campaign launched by the Science-Based Targets Initiative and is also part of the UN's international Race to Zero campaign.

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