Busylight - what is it?

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Think of it as a traffic light in the office. Working as a manager in a modern office, I daily look at my workspace and wonder: “Hmm, Open-plan layouts are the go-to for fostering collaboration, flexibility, and accessibility.” However, amidst the hustle and bustle of productivity, there's a common challenge: staying focused and minimizing interruptions.

I believe that my innovative gene in my body must have been dormant for some time, as I had simply come to accept the office space as a sort of anarchic environment where no established rules for interaction existed.

This is where my story begins and the busylight steps into the office, akin to a traffic light guiding communication flow minimizing the chaos.

Like its roadside counterpart, a busylight acts as a visual cue, indicating the availability and status of individuals in the workspace. Its purpose is straightforward: providing instant insight into whether a colleague is busy with a task, in a meeting, or open for interaction. In a world where interruptions can disrupt workflow, the “office traffic light” represents a culture of respect for focused work.

Busylight open office.png

So, how does a busylight compare to a traffic light? Let me break it down:

Red Light: Do Not Disturb in the open office environment, the red light signifies a crucial state: someone is deeply engaged in work (or in a call). In the same way as a red traffic light, it ensures safety and flow rather than clashes.

Green Light: Ready for Interaction in both traffic and office contexts, the green light means it's okay to proceed. 

When navigating the open office, I can certainly agree to operate based on the principles of red light stop - green light go, as illustrated by traffic lights. 

The traffic light concept is not new, but oddly enough, it hasn't made its way into the office, where we spend quite a few hours every day, and where consideration for each other is something most of us desire.

You can find it here www.busylight.com

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