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It may not be just in the area of kitchen appliances, most of us imagine that the fight for the green transition is taking place. However, the French manufacturer Daan Tech would like to change that.

The French manufacturer of white goods for the kitchen, Daan Tech, is now launching a new smart oven for the home, where both the environment, ease of repair and cooking properties have been thought into the design. Daan Tech has previously successfully made a dishwasher called Bob, with the same objectives like the new one above.

A greater focus on sustainability and longevity must be incorporated into all modern products in your home. That's why Daan Tech, the French manufacturer of space-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly kitchen appliances, is now launching "Joe," a 5-in-one tabletop oven designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Joe can replace as many as 5 of your other kitchen appliances and thereby save space in the small kitchen, and at the same time it can be repaired by the user himself, which extends the life of the product.

"With Bob, we got confirmation that there is a great demand for designer white goods for space-conscious consumers who prioritize both design, but particularly environmentally friendly technology. We just see consumers changing buying habits, and that's why we designed Joe, which can work for at least 10 years and can cope with the same challenges that the Bob did,” says Antoine Fichet, founder and director of Daan Tech.

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Oven, steamer, toaster...

Admittedly, Joe is a smaller tabletop stove, but the functions are many and the quality is top notch. Joe is designed based on the "simple living" mantra where equipment has several functions but takes up less space, with Joe you get an oven, toaster, air fryer, microwave and steam cooker all in one. It not only provides more space in the kitchen, it also minimizes the consumption of electronics, as you can limit the consumption and purchase of many machines.

This makes Joe perfect for the minimalist, for the small apartment, student accommodation, caravan, summer house or allotment garden.

Likewise, Joe is extremely user-friendly, with a simple screen and a single button to navigate among the oven's many functions, which also vary from baking bread to making yogurt.

Modular design

Joe is designed to be personal and can easily be made to fit into any decor. When Joe is ordered, you can choose from a myriad of color combinations, and should the need arise, the front can be replaced at a later stage for a different color. Joe is produced at Daan Tech's own factory in France and has been developed with recycled materials and to have as little energy consumption as possible to reduce its impact on the environment.

Joe, like its predecessor, the dishwasher Bob, has been developed to be repairable and thus have as long a lifetime as possible.

"Daan Tech is fiercely opposed to planned obsolescence - that is, where the product is designed to break after a certain period of time. The most sustainable product you can get is the one that lasts for many, many years, and both Bob and Joe can do that," says Antoine Fichet.

Joe will go on sale as a pre-order from October 10, with expected delivery in Q4 2024.

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