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Dreame Z10 Station
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Cleaning is unavoidable, and even if you don't like the task, you might as well make the task as pleasant and easy as possible. The Dreame Z10 Station aims to help with that, with a cordless design and a charging station that also empties the machine of dust.

Central Specifications

  • Cordless use up to 65 minutes
  • Automatic emptying of the vacuum cleaner
  • Blue light shows the way to the dirt
  • Interchangeable mouthpieces

A tour around the Dreame Z10 Station

The overall design of cordless vacuum cleaners of this type hasn't changed much since Dyson really made them popular.

However, it is also a design that works and is physically practical, in terms of distributing the weight during use, so that the vacuum cleaner is comfortable and easy to use.

The Dreame Z10 Station is divided into two parts, the vacuum cleaner itself being one, and the base station for charging and emptying the vacuum cleaner being the other.

Dreame Z10 Station vacuum cleaner cordless.jpg

The construction is primarily made of plastic with individual aluminum parts to keep the weight down. The design is as we know it, with motor and dust collection at the top with a pistol-like grip.

The dust container is made of transparent plastic, so you can keep an eye on whether it is time to empty it.

Dreame Z10 Station Filter container.jpg

The vacuum cleaner can be divided in two places, so it is possible to make a long or a short version depending on what you are vacuuming.

There are two interchangeable large heads along with three smaller special heads, for things like furniture or panels. The large heads are respectively made for hard floors with a softer brush, while the other is a more all-round head for several surfaces.

Dreame Z10 Station holder for accessories.jpg

The large all round head has a blue light that illuminates the floor in front of the vacuum cleaner head. In this way, dust and particles are effectively illuminated, so that you can see if there are areas that need to be particularly thorough.

The same blue light goes again in the small head intended for furniture.

All the heads can be attached either at the end of the pipe or at the very top of the suction unit itself, so flexibility is possible.

The hand-held part weighs less than two kilos, and there is a good balance in the device, so it is comfortable to hold.

A large part of the Z10 Station set is the included charger and "Dust removal station" as Dreame itself calls it. It's a tower that functions as both storage and charger for the vacuum cleaner, and it comes with a built-in vacuum cleaner bag.

Dreame Z10 Station basestation.jpg

So when you put the handheld vacuum cleaner in place, you can empty it into the larger bag in the base station. Dreame has done it that way to avoid dusting around the house when emptying the small collector that is on the vacuum cleaner itself.

In this way, you can then replace the vacuum cleaner bag by simply taking it out of the base station and throwing it directly into the bin. The disadvantage is the other way around, that you have to continuously buy new ones.

Dreame Z10 Station vacuum cleaner bag.jpg

The handheld vacuum cleaner has a container with a capacity of 0.5 l, while the vacuum cleaner bag in the base station has a capacity of 2.5 l. Dreame notes in their material that it should last for 90 days of use before the bag needs to be replaced.

The vacuum cleaner has a vacuum filtration system that works in several stages through both a metal and a fabric filter. Both parts are easy to remove from the vacuum cleaner and clean under water.


I have had the Dreame Z10 Station visiting for over a month now and during that period it has functioned as my primary vacuum cleaner in our house of a total of 240 m2 spread over two levels.

During the test period, it replaced an older OBH Nordica cordless vacuum cleaner.

We are two adults, a three-year-old child and a female in the household, and we all often move around in the garden, with all that brings with it rubbish to the indoor areas.

During the test, the daily cleaning of the house was easily managed with the Z10 Station unit. The relatively low weight of the device has meant that it is easy to carry around. The replaceable vacuum cleaner heads mean that there is always a good alternative, regardless of whether it is the floor, the sofa or the panels that need to be cleaned.

Dreame Z10 Station brush for hard floors.jpg

Dreame states that you can get up to 65 minutes of use out of the Z10 Station vacuum cleaner. It is possible to run at three speeds with the vacuum cleaner, and the 65 minutes are of course only possible if you use the lowest setting.

For the normal cleaning here, however, I used the middle setting combined with small turbo areas, such as mats etc. on the highest. With that kind of use, you won't get anywhere near the 65 minutes.

It also meant I couldn't get through the whole house on a single charge. So the cleaning here had to be divided into several parts. In practical terms, it usually ended up being the entire ground floor, which could be done before the vacuum cleaner had to go into the charger.

Dreame Z10 Station all round vacuum cleaner head.jpg

It takes about three and a half hours to fully charge the vacuum cleaner, so you have to wait a bit before you can get started again. It is of course possible to start before it is fully charged if you only need a corner.

There's plenty of suction power in the Z10 Station, and at no point during my testing did I feel like I didn't have enough power to get it all around the house when using the combination of medium and high power .

The lowest strength I think was just weak enough that I think I got a satisfactory result.

Dreame Z10 Station blue light shows the dust.jpg

However, it is very nice that you can empty the vacuum cleaner's small dust container with the push of a button. Then you are ready to vacuum next time with full force, and you don't have to dust around with a container that you empty by opening one end.

The only thing I might be worried about in the long term is how available new bags will be for replacement in the base station. In fact, I have not been able to find any for sale anywhere. Even the places that actually sell the Z10 Station vacuum don't seem to stock the bags.


I can currently find the Dreame Z10 Station with an online price of around 650$. It lands approx. in the middle segment of this type of cordless vacuum cleaners.


It has been a pleasure to be visited by the Dreame Z10 Station vacuum cleaner. Once you get used to the convenience of a cordless vacuum, it's hard to imagine anything else.

You take it out and you're up and running in no time, which means you're much more likely to grab the errant crumb after breakfast right away.

As I said, I have been perfectly satisfied with the suction power and it is nice to be able to choose from three levels, so that you have something that suits the task.

Dreame Z10 Station speeds and battery status.jpg

If you have many m2 to keep clean, then, as in my case, you must be prepared that it cannot necessarily be done in one go.

The Dreame Z10 Station is a rather large device when you count the base station, which naturally cannot be avoided. So you must have a free corner or a large cupboard to be able to put it in.

The only thing that has really made me doubt whether the vacuum cleaner is a good purchase is my uncertainty about the vacuum cleaner bags. There is an extra one in the box, but when the two are used, it is not worth much if you cannot buy new bags. The bags are not exactly standard sizes, so I find it difficult to imagine other than those made for the system to work.

Dreame Z10 Station contents in box.jpg

When one of the only places I can find them is on Aliexpress, it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that it can be a long term plan.

We end up with a final grade of 7, for a good cord-free vacuum cleaner in every way, which, however, seems like an unsafe investment if the bags don't become more accessible.


  • Easy emptying of the vacuum cleaner
  • Lots of suction power
  • The blue light helps with cleaning


  • Can't find new vacuum cleaner bags for sale anywhere
  • Battery life a little on the short side

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