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Enhance your virtual meetings with EPOS Expand Vision 1M - the ideal video solution for smaller meeting rooms and home offices. Experience improved image quality and advanced features with EPOS' offering. Read our comprehensive review and discover the benefits of EPOS Expand Vision 1M today.


  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Dimensions (W x H x L): 194 x 34 x 42 mm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Camera: 4K wide-angle
  • Lens type: 4G2P
  • Video resolution: Up to 2160p @ 30fps
  • Zoom: 8x digital Pan-tilt zoom (PTZ)ePTZ
  • Field of view: (FOV)95° (Horizontal) / 62° (Vertical) / 103° (Diagonal)
  • Video standards: MJPEG, H264
  • Depth of Field: Manual with a range of 1 - 6 m in focus
  • Mounting Options: Integrated clip with 1/4” thread for tripod mounting
  • Automatic light correction: Optimized for best picture quality in various light conditions
  • LED light: White when in use, dim when in standby mode

The most noteworthy feature of the EXPAND Vision 1M is its 4K wide-angle lens. It is also worth noting that this webcam is designed for more professional use, though it can still be used for other purposes. It is important to note that this webcam is UC certified for use with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which may be an unnecessary expense for those in the gaming segment.

Exploring the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M

The EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M has a minimalist and subtle design, but it is much larger than a typical webcam, measuring almost 20 cm wide and weighing 500 grams.

The front of the camera is dominated by a large 4K wide-angle lens. On either side of it are LED lights, which indicate when the camera is in use.

EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M lens 4K

At the top of the camera, there is a single button which is used to dim the camera. When pressed, an integrated privacy shutter will come down and close, providing a clear indication that the camera is blocked when desired.

At the base of the camera, there is a standard ¼” screw mount for attaching the EXPAND Vision 1M to a tripod or similar device.

This bracket can be used to mount the device to a wall, making it suitable for more permanent installations such as in a meeting room.

EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M USB C connection

On the back, we find a USB C connector and a Kensington lock.

The materials used are a combination of black aluminum and plastic, and the materials and construction feel good and solid, giving an overall sense of quality.


If you wish to take advantage of the various options available to customize settings on the EXPAND Vision 1M, you must utilize the EPOS Connect software.

From here, you can easily identify which EPOS devices you have connected. Additionally, if there is a new firmware available, it is simple to update it. In our case, the update was present and the process was quick and straightforward.

EPOS Connect updates

Under the settings, you have the option to customize the image. There are sliders for adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and more - in total, there are eight parameters to customize your image.

In addition, you can customize what is included in the image. You can do this either manually by zooming and cropping, or automatically with the "Intelligent Frame" setting.

Here, the image automatically adjusts so that it will always attempt to keep you in focus. You can select whether you want a wide, medium, or tight crop for your image. Additionally, you can adjust settings for how quickly the camera should track you, how it should adjust, and whether there should be a limit on how much it should zoom in to achieve its desired result.

EPOS Connect settings

The Intelligent Frame feature is designed to register multiple people. This is especially useful in a meeting room, where the software can focus on the people present. If more people enter the room, the image can be adjusted to include them.

If you are in a more professional setting, EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M can be controlled remotely using EPOS Manager software or certain UC software solutions; however, I have not had the chance to test this during my time with the Vision 1M.

The Test

For the past few weeks, I have been testing the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M and have been using it as an alternative to my aging Logitech C920 webcam.

To begin, I have not utilized the Vision 1M camera for the specific objectives EPOS created it for. This camera is intended for small and medium-sized conference rooms, which is not something I have in my personal space.

I have utilized it for regular online meetings and for online gaming instead.

If we have to begin with the most important factor, the image quality, then the biggest difference I experienced is the much wider viewing angle that the EXPAND Vision 1M offers. Compared to the Logitech C920 that I usually use, with EPOS there is an opportunity to capture a lot more of the environment around you.

Having a 103° diagonal viewing angle with the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M is a definite advantage, especially when using it in a meeting room. This is much wider than the 78° viewing angle of a regular webcam, allowing for a much better view of a larger workspace for both work and leisure activities.

Quality comparison.jpg

The image quality is improved. When looking at me as a person in the picture, it may not appear to be very clear. However, if you look at the details in the background, such as text, it is more distinct and legible.

You could argue that it doesn't really matter, as ultimately it is the people in the photo that are the most important.

EPOS offers improved color management compared to a regular Webcam, with more vibrant colors and higher contrast.

Privacy Shutter EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M

Despite this, I must admit that the image quality of the Vision 1M is not a significant improvement compared to the aging C920. This is especially disappointing considering that the C920 has a resolution of only 1080p, while the Vision 1M is marketed with 4K. This discrepancy is even more evident when you consider the price, which we will discuss later.

Where EPOS regains some ground, however, is in their software with the Intelligent Frame feature, which can be configured to adjust and optimize the image, ensuring that you remain in focus even when you move around.

The function works great and accurately captures your position in the image, continuously adjusting it so that you stay in the center. However, I noticed that when this function was enabled, I could not record video clips using the built-in camera app in Windows 10. I'm not sure if the same limitation exists in other programs, but it's something to keep in mind.

Mounting EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M

An important consideration for some might be that the Vision 1M does not have a built-in microphone. Therefore, you should make sure to have an external microphone solution. However, this should not be an issue in the environment the Vision 1M is designed for.


The cheapest online price I can find for the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M is just under 675$, which may be tempting for many people. However, we must remember that this camera is designed for professionals, so it has certain certifications and features that increase the price, which may not be worth it for the average consumer.


EPOS has developed the EXPAND Vision 1M webcam with the professional market in mind. Features such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom certifications, as well as the capability to integrate with more comprehensive conferencing room solutions, are all geared towards the professional user and thus drive up the cost, making it unsuitable for the average consumer.


For the average home user, I cannot recommend the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M, as the cost does not justify its use in a domestic setting.

When considering the overall image quality, I am a bit let down. It is an improvement from the Logitech C920 camera I compared it to, but not by much. This is especially disappointing when taking into account that the C920 is an older Webcam and the Vision 1M has four times as many pixels.

EXPAND Vision 1M EPOS Webcam 4K

The professional functions of the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M are undoubtedly its strong point. Unfortunately, I have limited opportunities to test it here, as I do not have an office/meeting room setting to do so. As a result, it is a bit challenging for me to give a final assessment.

We ultimately arrive at a final grade of 8 for this camera, which underperforms slightly in terms of image quality, but offers a great set of features for the professional market. However, it is important to note that I have not had the chance to test all aspects of the camera, so this rating should be taken with a grain of salt.

This is not a webcam intended for the average consumer, but rather a professional solution.


  • Wide viewing angle can capture the entire room
  • Excellent automatic adjustment of the image


  • Disappointing image quality for a 4K camera

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