Google patent can extend smartwatch battery

Translate from : Google patent kan forlænge smartwatch-batteri
Google has just submitted a patent for a new and more compact antenna design for wearables such as smartwatches. This new design could potentially improve battery life and signal strength and could also be used in other devices such as smart rings

The technology world never sleeps. It's a constant stream of innovation, and Google is no exception. The search giant's latest patent has to do with a new antenna design for wearable devices like smartwatches (via MSPoweruser). The news of this patent is particularly interesting for tech fans, as it could potentially help revolutionize the wearables of the future.

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The recently filed patent for the new design is one that makes the antenna more compact and optimized for communication. Google explains that the updated antenna design uses a microwave dielectric substrate with a high relative permittivity. This is what makes this specific antenna design special - it can store electrical energy (which means better battery life) and transmit (send and receive) signals much better.


Google also says that the antenna design is extremely compact - with dimensions of less than or equal to 8 mm in width and length. It's impressive! The search engine giant mentioned some of the possible uses of this new design could be in similar devices like a smart ring (remember Samsung's teaser and Galaxy Ring?)

Antennas are important in many ways in wearable tech. They are essential for collecting data from tracking sensors (like blood pressure sensors or GPS functionality on fitness watches) and then transmitting it to the part of the device that analyzes or stores.

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