Gourmet: Vision Pro apps at WWDC

Translate from : Gurman: Vision Pro-apps på WWDC
Mark Gurman reveals new parts of Apple Vision Pro at WWDC 2024. No new Vision Pro headset soon, but rumors of cheaper Vision Pro 2.

Mark Gurman, known as an Apple insider at Bloomberg, has revealed two new important details about Apple Vision Pro news at the upcoming WWDC 2024. According to his newsletter, Power On, Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in 2024 will be the venue for the launch of dedicated visionOS apps.

He also says that there is no new Vision Pro headset on the way for the time being. There have been many rumors about a potentially new and cheaper version of the Vision Pro from Apple. A report claims that this new Vision Pro 2 will cost less than half of Apple's current headphone.

Samsung may also become part of the supply chain to help reduce production costs. It may be necessary because apparently it has been difficult for Apple to figure out how to make a cheaper Vision Pro. It is widely agreed among many tech reviewers that the Apple Vision Pro is an impressive piece of technology, but with the innovative features and ground-breaking technologies also comes a high price. At the same time, the spectrum of scenarios where the Apple Vision Pro will be a better alternative to a regular computer is also still quite narrow.

Apple has designed a complete and delicious product, but their insistence on premium materials means that the price can be difficult to bring down.

The chassis, for example, is a marvel of aluminum and glass, but it can also be made of plastic if Apple is willing to sacrifice the exclusive feel for, say, a Vision Air headset. Although there is no new Vision Pro version on the way, it seems that Apple continues to focus on improving the user experience with its visionOS apps. This could be an exciting step forward for Apple's Vision Pro ecosystem.

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