Meta opens up VR software to other companies

Meta Quest Pro
Translate from : Meta åbner VR-software for andre firmaer
Meta Platforms Inc. is opening up their Meta Quest headset OS to other hardware manufacturers, in an effort to strengthen their position within the AR and VR industries.

Facebook's owner, Meta Platforms Inc., is opening up its Meta Quest headset operating system to other hardware manufacturers as part of an effort to strengthen its position in the emerging augmented reality and virtual reality industries. This development means other tech companies will be able to build their own headsets using Meta's operating system, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Monday.

Meta announced a select few early partners, including Microsoft Corp. and Lenovo Inc. Zuckerberg has long pushed for Meta to build its own devices and operating systems to reduce the company's reliance on competitors.

When it comes to mobile apps like Facebook and Instagram, Meta is tied to mobile OS creators such as Apple Inc. and Alphabet's Google. Meta has been particularly focused on Apple in recent years, complaining that the iPhone maker's decisions on privacy and in-app fees for iOS apps have hurt Meta's business.

Zuckerberg hopes to avoid that situation with the next wave of devices, including AR and VR headsets, and the company is spending aggressive sums to make this a reality. In 2023, Reality Labs, the division that works on all of Meta's futuristic AR and VR developments, lost $16 billion.

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