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Meta Quest
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Meta's Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Bosworth, reveals a major overhaul of the user interface for Meta Quest headsets. The changes will improve the user experience and create a "richer" environment.

Meta's Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Bosworth, revealed in a recent "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session on Instagram that the company is undertaking a major overhaul of the primary user interface (UI) for its Meta Quest VR headset. This overhaul comes in direct response to user concerns about the complexity of the current UI, and Bosworth has hinted at future improvements.


While Bosworth declined to provide a specific timetable for the release of this UI overhaul to the Quest devices, he acknowledged the extensive feedback from users on various platforms. These included X (formerly Twitter), Reddit and Meta's own social platform, where users expressed confusion over the current user interface. He emphasized the company's commitment to providing a better user experience and teased the possibility of a "richer environment" for users.


The Quest UI has received feedback for its complexity and perceived lack of ease of use, especially when compared to devices such as the Apple Vision Pro. Bosworth's comments suggest that Meta is exploring ways to improve the UI, possibly by integrating mixed reality elements more seamlessly. Currently, Meta Quest 3 users can run up to three apps or windows simultaneously, but the company has limited the placement and manipulation of these elements.

Augments are mixed reality gadgets that can be compared to widgets on the home screen of your Android or iOS device. Meta has redirected resources from its augmented reality (AR) team to the virtual reality (VR) team to accelerate the development of augments and integrate mixed-reality experiences into the Quest UI, as reported by Android Central.


The UI overhaul could include features like the ability to place windows and apps anywhere in mixed reality, just like seen with Apple's Vision Pro. Bosworth hinted at the possibility of removing the three-window limitation in Horizon Workrooms, Meta's work software, citing initial performance concerns as the reason for this limitation.


When it comes to the comparison between Apple's Vision Pro and Meta's Quest 3, Bosworth echoed CEO Mark Zuckerberg's statement that the Quest 3 offers better value and functionality for most users. While acknowledging the competition, Bosworth emphasized Meta's commitment to innovation and improving the VR experience for its users.

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