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Racing High grade Servo and Aluminum Pedals Craftsmanship XBOX R3 Wheel PC Aviation Direct precision Motor drive Limetless Licensed DD
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There can be several reasons for acquiring a steering wheel and pedal. Whether it is because you want to drive Esim, as a racing driver, be a truck driver in the virtual or maybe there is a farmer hidden in you? A player who is not so unknown on the market, but is new here in the editorial office, has given us the opportunity to look at a more budget-friendly set, namely the Moza R3 Base with Steering Wheel.

Before we go on to take a closer look at the R3 Racing Wheel + pedals, which I have found features and specifications through Moza's website.


Moza R3 Base

  • Platform: PC + Xbox
  • Drive Type: Direct Drive
  • Rotation : Limitless
  • Housing Material : Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Colour : Black
  • Peak Torque : 3.9Nm
  • Rated Power : 72W
  • USB Refresh rate : 1000Hz
  • App functionality : Supported
  • Quick release : Supported
  • Connection ports : Power, DC input, Pedal, USB, Dash
  • Mounting method: 4 holes on the bottom

Steering Wheel

  • Grips: ISF PU
  • Face Plate Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Shifter Paddle Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: 280mm
  • Buttons: 22
  • RPM LED Light: 10 High brightness LED RGB Beads
  • Intelligent Telemetry: Supported
  • Fully adjustable RPM LEDS through Moza Pit House: Supported


  • Material: High-strength steel
  • Plate Material: High-strength Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Throttle sensor: Hall sensor
  • Pedal spacing: Adjustable
  • Pedal plate height: Adjustable
  • Pedal input adjustment: Supported
  • Pedal input reversal: Supported
  • Pedal output curve adjustment: Supported
  • Anti-slip Pad: Included

All about R3 Racing Wheels and Pedals.

The R3 Racing kit is a more budget-friendly kit from Moza racing. However, it is still possible to combine with some of the products at Moza Racing, which gives the opportunity to start "cheaply", and later expand and adjust. Even though it is their "small" model, it still comes with some good features, such as limitless rotation and modular pedals.

Limetless R3 and Direct High Wheel precision XBOX Motor Craftsmanship Servo grade DD PC Racing Licensed Aviation Pedals drive Aluminum.JPG

The steering wheel is covered in leather, and you can really feel that the quality is high. R3 racing from Moza Racing is XBOX licensed, which makes the set only work for PC and XBOX. We will go into a little about what it has been important during the test.

Wheel High Limetless Motor XBOX Pedals Servo and Racing drive grade Aviation Direct R3 Craftsmanship DD PC precision Aluminum Licensed.JPG

On the base itself, there are different entrances. We have for USB, which must be connected to the computer. DC input, which must be connected to external power, also comes with a lot of different inputs, for e.g. pedal, dash, SHF, H/B and E-stop. During the test I only had the pedal set.

Racing Servo and Wheel Pedals grade Direct Aviation Licensed High drive DD precision R3 Craftsmanship Limetless Aluminum XBOX PC Motor.JPG

Moving on to the pedals, the quality continues. Where the pedals are solid metal. Only two pedals are included in the set, where the clutch pedal must be purchased separately. The pedals use a Hall sensor, with high precision, which provides an accurate response and high performance. It is also possible to adjust the distance between the two pedals so that they are adapted to the user.

Licensed Servo XBOX Racing Aviation DD grade Motor R3 drive and precision Craftsmanship Aluminum High Direct Limetless PC Wheel Pedals.JPG

Limetless PC R3 and Racing Wheel Aviation Pedals drive XBOX Licensed Craftsmanship Servo DD Motor High Aluminum Direct precision grade.JPG


In order to get the most out of the equipment, Moza Racing, of course, also has their software, which helps to support their products. If we take a look at the Moza Pit House, we are greeted by an overview of the steering wheel, base and pedals.

and DD XBOX Wheel Motor Limetless PC drive Aluminum Racing Aviation High grade R3 Craftsmanship Servo precision Licensed Direct Pedals.png

The menu subsequently provides the option to adjust, among other things, the rotation of the base. So even though it is limetless, you can still fit a limiter to give the best possible adjustment according to your wishes. It is also possible to adjust other things, such as force feedback and wheel speed.

Servo PC grade Craftsmanship Pedals and drive DD Motor Racing Limetless High Licensed R3 Aluminum precision Aviation Direct XBOX Wheel.png

Subsequently, it is possible to take a look at the steering wheel. Where it is also possible to adjust the RPM indicator, in relation to how it should be displayed.

Racing XBOX Wheel R3 Limetless Craftsmanship DD Aluminum Pedals and High Licensed Servo precision PC Direct grade Motor drive Aviation.png

The last menu we go through here is the pedals. Here it is possible to adjust the curve on boats, the brake, accelerator and the clutch, if it had been connected.

grade DD Licensed PC precision Limetless Racing Pedals High Motor Craftsmanship drive Aviation Servo Direct R3 XBOX and Wheel Aluminum.png

The experience of the Moza R3 Racing Wheel and Pedal

In the past, I have had a go at a round of Forza Horizon 5, in order to be able to test my driving skills with this set. But because I'm on a PC with Windows 11, the Moza R3 has some problems working with that game. Which I did I ventured into a slightly more relaxing game to test out the R3 set, namely Euro Truck Simulator 2.

It is not because I have yet tried many different ones, but there is no doubt that for the price this set is high on the list. The quality itself is incredibly delicious, and the benefit of being able to customize the rotation is incredibly rewarding. In Euro Truck, where a truck can make a sharp turn, I'm happy not to be limited by the physics of the steering wheel, because a manufacturer has determined how much it can turn.

The setup itself required a bit, as the accelerator and brake were not automatically set up correctly. But once I got the hang of that part, it worked without a hitch. The same applied to all the buttons on the steering wheel. Here I had perhaps hoped for a more plug and play solution, where Moza had made some pre-settings in collaboration with the game, which I could then change if they did not suit me.

However, I subsequently found out that Moza Pit house has a feature where the software can configure the steering wheel and pedal for the game when I wanted to dive into Project Cars 2. However, it turned out that this game did not support that feature, but required a manual action that you were guided through.

The actual experience during a game with a little more action, I used Project Cars 2, which gave an incredibly good experience of the set. The feedback was really good and the R3 had a good response and was nice to drive.


There are no stores that have the R3 Racing Wheel and Pedals from Moza Racing in stock yet. However, the price has been set, ending at DKK 3099.

precision Pedals Aviation and grade PC Direct Servo Licensed Limetless Craftsmanship R3 High Wheel Racing Motor DD Aluminum XBOX drive.png

If you want to find more information about the R3 Racing Wheel and Pedals from Moza Racing, you can click on the banner above.


There is no doubt that the R3 Racing set is intended to be the entry level set for those who want to acquire a steering wheel and pedal without having to part with a fortune. As a smart move, Moza has, however, made it possible to expand the setup, which gives the freedom to start "cheaply" and then expand according to needs and wishes.

Their quick release also gives you the option of replacing the steering wheel if you later want to upgrade this part. It is something that repeats itself with the entire system, where you have the option to replace, upgrade or add things to the setup you start with.

The quality itself feels high across the board, and it has been incredibly delicious to play with. The RPM meter itself also works really well, and which was perhaps more of a measure that could be seen with the peripheral vision, rather than something I actively ended up using.

The setup itself was easy to get started with, and although I experienced my issues as mentioned during testing, I didn't feel like I had to struggle to get things working in the various games I tried.

One of the things that is of course on the boring side is about how many games are supported with PC, and especially when we look at Forza Horizon, which creates some problems, especially with Windows 11. This can be a little surprising, because it is an XBOX certified set, as well as, it can be used with Xbox on the same games without problems.

It's probably a temporary thing, which I hope will be resolved in time, which also means I won't give this part much importance. Now when we have to come up with a score. Where I end up giving a score of 9 out of 10, along with Great Product. Here comes a product that comes with an attractive price, with high quality, and good opportunities to expand and add, rather than having to replace the entire set, if you want more of your equipment.


  • Really good feedback
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Modular system that can be upgraded, replaced or added
  • Incredibly high quality
  • Easy setup
  • Quick release
  • Price
  • Limitless rotation


  • The list of compatible games is not that long, especially not on PC.

Score: 9 + Great Product

Racing High grade Servo and Aluminum Pedals Craftsmanship XBOX R3 Wheel PC Aviation Direct precision Motor drive Limetless Licensed DD copy.JPG

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