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Apple Watch Series X
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The next Apple Watch is expected to feature a new design and improved health features. Apple is preparing a major update for its smartwatch series.

Apple is reportedly gearing up for a significant redesign of its line of smartwatches in the coming year. The next Apple Watch is expected to feature a fresh design, improved health monitoring capabilities and an updated band connection mechanism.

According to Mark Gurman, there is a possibility that the company will deviate from its usual naming convention and choose the name "Apple Watch X" to honor the 10th anniversary of the original Apple Watch, which was introduced in 2014. To visualize this potential device, collaborated YouTuber Sam Kohl, known for his Apple product reviews on the AppleTrack channel, with graphic designer @ConceptCentral.

Apple Watch Series X twitter.jpg

Their joint efforts resulted in the creation of visual representations depicting the speculated appearance of the Apple Watch X, drawing inspiration from rumors and leaked information. The renders indicate a slimmer design for the Watch X, potentially 10-15% thinner than the current models. The Digital Crown is expected to remain, but with a chance for an additional Action button, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Series X_.jpg

A significant change in the design may be the new magnetic tape system. This would mean losing compatibility with older bands, but it offers benefits beyond aesthetics. The current strap system takes up valuable space inside the watch. Magnetic bands eliminate this bulk, potentially making room for a thinner design and even more features inside.

Apple Watch Series X close.jpg

While microLED displays were previously rumored, OLED technology seems more likely due to cost considerations. However, the new OLED panel is expected to be brighter and more power efficient. This could result in longer battery life, a concern for many users. Health features have always been a fundamental part of the Apple Watch. The Watch X may be the first to offer blood pressure monitoring, although blood oxygen monitoring is uncertain due to pending patents. The watch can also include sleep apnea monitoring.

Although it is interesting to see the new images, it is of course important to emphasize that there is no official information from Apple yet. So the new images are purely an independent guess based on unconfirmed information.

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