Nvidia market value now higher than Amazon and Alphabet

Nvidia Jensen Huang
Translate from : Nvidia markedsværdi nu højere end Amazon og Alphabet
Nvidia surpasses Alphabet in market capitalization to become the fourth most valuable company in the world. This is mainly due to their dominant position in AI chip technology.

Nvidia surpassed Alphabet in market capitalization on Wednesday, a feat achieved just one day after it overtook Amazon. According to Bloomberg reports, the chip maker's stock is now valued at $1.83 trillion, pushing it past the Google owner's market cap of $1.82 trillion by a narrow margin. This elevates Nvidia to the position of the world's fourth most valuable company amid the AI boom, behind Microsoft ($3.04T), Apple ($2.84T) and Saudi Aramco.


Notably, Nvidia currently produces the H100 chip, which powers the majority of LLMs (Large Language Models) in operation today, including OpenAI's ChatGPT and a significant portion of the AI projects from tech giants such as Microsoft, Meta and Amazon. The big players in the tech industry are engaged in an AI chip arms race, each striving to develop its own GPU chip to challenge Nvidia's dominant position. Ironically, Nvidia's significant sales of AI chips are attributed to these same companies.


As highlighted by Bloomberg, Nvidia is on the verge of introducing an improved AI chip, the H200, that will land with increased memory capacity and bandwidth compared to its predecessor. Reuters recently reported that Nvidia has allocated $30 billion toward a division dedicated to helping other companies produce their own custom AI chips. This means that even if companies choose to develop their own AI chips, Nvidia stands to benefit.

Meanwhile, competitors like Intel and AMD are hard at work on their own chips that could potentially rival the capabilities of the H200.

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