OnePlus Watch 2 presented

OnePlus Watch 2
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OnePlus is back on the smartwatch market and presents their OnePlus Watch 2, which promises battery times of up to 100 hours.

It's been a while since OnePlus launched their first smartwatch, so it's exciting to see what they can show us with their latest OnePlus Watch 2.

OnePlus writes this in their press release in connection with the launch:

The new smartwatch stands out for its industry-leading battery life, dual chipset, innovative health features and durable design. In addition, the OnePlus Watch 2 is powered by Google's latest version of Wear OS4, which among other things gives users access to popular apps and unique fitness functions.

The OnePlus Watch 2 represents a significant step forward in the smartwatch market and is packed with unique flagship features. The new smartwatch comes with both Dual-Engine architecture in the form of two chipsets, Wear OS's hybrid interface, industry-leading battery life of up to 100 hours in full Smart Mode, as well as a first-class construction and an elegant design.

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“Our new OnePlus Watch 2 embraces our 'Never Settle' vision by uniting top-of-the-line hardware and software in one device designed to motivate and support users to achieve whatever they set their minds to. Developed in collaboration with Google Wear OS, the OnePlus Watch 2 benefits from its hybrid interface and enhanced features. Together, all this qualifies the OnePlus Watch 2 as a reliable and faithful companion in the everyday life of Danish users" , says Thor Gøtz, country manager for OnePlus in Denmark.

Industry-leading battery life supported by Dual-Engine architecture

The OnePlus Watch 2 The watch is equipped with OnePlus' own Dual-Engine architecture, which is powered by two different chipsets. While the BES2700 Efficiency chipset runs the RTOS and handles background activity and simple tasks, the Snapdragon W5 Performance chipset powers the powerful tasks like running the favorite Google apps. This optimized approach, made possible by the Wear OS hybrid interface, creates a seamless transition between the two chips, with the OnePlus Watch 2 automatically switching between the low-power engine and the high-performance engine. In this way, users get an effortless smartwatch experience that also extends the time between charges.

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With the unique Dual-Engine architecture and a 500 mAh battery, the OnePlus Watch 2 offers up to 100 hours of regular use with all functions available in Smart Mode and up to 48 hours of intensive use. Thanks to 7.5 W VOOC fast charging, the watch can be fully charged in just 60 minutes. The OnePlus Watch 2 also comes with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM, which provides plenty of memory and storage space, so that the watch always runs smoothly.

Personal fitness and health features

With its advanced combination of hardware and software, the OnePlus Watch 2 collects and analyzes comprehensive health data in the OHealth app, bringing positive changes to the user's everyday life. These also support Health Connect by Android™, which offers a central hub in Android 14 for managing data permissions from multiple health and fitness apps. Similarly, through user permission, users can securely sync their health data collected through the watch or the OHealth app with Health Connect compatible apps.

In addition, the OHealth app offers fitness features for more than 100 sports such as badminton, running, tennis and skiing, which OnePlus and Wear OS have worked closely together to fine-tune. On the OnePlus Watch 2, for example, the app for badminton can track data such as swing strength and speed, while for running it can track data about time in contact with surfaces, balance and VO2 max. The OnePlus Watch 2 also comes with detailed sleep tracking that analyzes different sleep phases and provides scores for sleep quality, and the smartwatch can monitor sleep breathing rate and snoring as well as observe stress levels by calculating heart rate variability (HRV).


Designed to increase the accuracy of GPS location tracking, the OnePlus Watch 2 has Dual Frequency GPS capability to receive L5 GPS signals in addition to the commonly used L1 signals.

The use of two separate antennas for each GPS signal improves the accuracy and reliability of users' positioning.

The best Google apps right on your wrist

OnePlus Watch 2 is powered by the latest version of Google's Wear OS and comes with popular Google apps like Maps, Assistant, Wallet and Calendar, as well as supporting several third-party apps. Thanks to new functions in Google apps, the user can easily navigate public transport and manage tickets for the event directly from the wrist. Similarly, with Fast Pair, the user can quickly connect and configure the OnePlus Watch 2 with either their OnePlus phone or another Android smartphone that supports features such as calling and messaging.

Durable smartwatch with elegant design

The OnePlus Watch 2 shares the same design language as the OnePlus 12 series and is precisely inspired by the series' characteristic K-shaped curves with a round dial that reflects its camera decor. The new smartwatch has a 2.5D sapphire glass cover, making it more resistant to scratches without compromising on optical clarity, as well as having a stainless steel case for added rust and corrosion resistance.

OnePlus Watch 2 is certified to the latest MIL-STD-810H US military standard and can withstand harsh conditions and environmental stresses, while its IP68 resistance and 5ATM water resistance ensure excellent performance whether on the beach, in the desert or outdoors to swim.

Price and availability

The OnePlus Watch 2 can be bought in Denmark via Proshop, Telia, Bilka, Elgiganten as well as and from March 4, with pre-orders from selected retailers from February 26.

The new smartwatch is available in the two colors Black Steel and Radiant Steel at a price of DKK 2,499.

We here at Tweak are working on our review of the OnePlus Watch 2 and will be back soon with our verdict on the new smartwatch from OnePlus


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