SCUF gaming presents the SCUF Nomad

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SCUF Gaming proudly unveils its newest controller for mobile gaming, the SCUF Nomad. This "Made for iPhone" Bluetooth controller brings performance features and ergonomics that SCUF has refined with competitive gamers to a mobile controller.

Leveraging SCUF's years of design expertise and history of competitive excellence with console and PC gamers, the Nomad is built to deliver a premium mobile gaming experience in a compact design that can be taken anywhere. According to Jake Tenorio, Director of Product Marketing at SCUF Gaming, “Nomad's contoured grips and full-sized triggers are inspired by SCUF's innovative paddle controllers, reinterpreted for mobile. Nomad is a controller designed to feel natural in your hands,” said Tenorio. “Many mobile controllers do not prioritize comfort, which directly affects your gaming performance and how long you can play. SCUF's design philosophy is an ergonomics-first approach, which is something customers will notice immediately when they pick up the Nomad for the first time.”


Nomad's full-sized thumbsticks offer precise accuracy and control, while anti-drift Hall effect components provide sustained performance. The placement of the thumbsticks is complemented by the placement of Nomad's two rear paddles, a patented SCUF innovation that provides extra speed and control while helping to reduce hand strain. This design allows gamers to use the thumbsticks and back paddles simultaneously, just like the pros, a big step forward for what SCUF believes is the right way to play on all platforms.


SCUF Nomad is accompanied by a free iOS companion app that does not require a paid subscription. The SCUF app allows users to easily access and play their favorite games such as CoD: Mobile, Roblox or NBA 2K. Quickly launch games from the App Store and Remote Play apps that allow you to play games directly from your console or PC. Create controller profiles for your Nomad to adjust trigger sensitivity, thumbstick response and remapping of any button. Assign profiles to games in your library and easily share them with friends. The SCUF app also streamlines the process of capturing and sharing gameplay highlights on mobile, allowing players to easily showcase their skills.

"As gaming continues to evolve, SCUF remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that allow gamers to improve their performance and enjoyment across all platforms," said Tenorio. “Mobile gaming is an exciting new category for SCUF, with gaming continuing its rapid convergence across mobile, console and PC. With the launch of the SCUF Nomad at an MSRP of $99, more gamers than ever can experience the benefits of a SCUF controller. The SCUF experience has officially gone mobile.”

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