Sony's PlayStation Network experiences record growth

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Sony's latest financial update reveals huge growth in the number of active users on the PlayStation network. From Q2 FY23 to Q3 FY23, an increase of 16 million users was recorded, marking the highest increase since the launch of the service.

Sony recently released a financial update that revealed that the PlayStation Network has seen huge growth in active users recently. From Q2 FY23 to Q3 FY23, an increase of 16 million users was recorded, marking the highest number ever recorded since the launch of the service. In the financial report, it was stated that Q3 FY23 saw a record high of 123 million users using the PlayStation Network.


This is an important milestone for Sony as it demonstrates the continued growth and popularity enjoyed by the PlayStation platform. It was recently reported that Sony has shipped 54.8 million PS5 consoles since the platform's launch in 2020. The company is experiencing record growth in its gaming division, consistently exceeding expectations, and in Q3 FY23, a staggering 123 million users worldwide were playing games. on the PlayStation Network.

Sony defined the number of users (MAU) as "An estimated total number of unique accounts that played games or used services on PlayStation™Network during the last month of the quarter." According to Statista, this is the highest number of MAUs ever recorded on the PlayStation Network - the most recent all-time high was recorded in December 2022, with 112 million MAUs logged by Sony.


It also marks the largest quarter-on-quarter increase on record. Sony further revealed that PlayStation Plus, the platform's subscription service that unlocks a library of games (among other things), now has 47.4 million subscribers.

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