Sony PS5 Pro Leaked

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro
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The latest leak about an upcoming Sony PS5 Pro shows significant upgrades in CPU, GPU and performance. Get details on the RDNA 3 architecture, the Zen 2 CPU and the potential September 2024 launch

In a new leak from Resetera forum user RandomlyRandom 67, fresh details have emerged about an upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 Pro, which many have expected would arrive at some point. Speculation is now on a possible launch in September 2024.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Leak

Zen 2 architecture for CPU

The heart of the PS5 Pro lies in its CPU, which uses the Zen 2 architecture from AMD. Manufactured by TSMC on the N4P manufacturing process, the CPU will have a dynamic maximum clock speed of 4.4 GHz. Notably, it maintains compatibility with the current PS5 architecture, ensuring a seamless transition for users.

RDNA 3 architecture for GPU

The PS5 Pro's GPU is rumored to be in for a significant upgrade, switching to the RDNA 3 architecture. This marks a significant improvement over the RDNA 2 architecture found in the original PS5. The GPU will have 60 compute units (CUs), although retail units will only have 56 enabled CUs by Sony. With improvements in ray tracing from RDNA4, the GPU promises superior performance. Key specifications include 3,584 shader units, 224 texture mapping units (TMUs) and 96 rendering units (ROPs) operating at a frequency of up to 2 GHz. The GPU will have 16 GB of GDDR6 memory with a speed of 18 Gbps and a bandwidth of 576 GB/s.

Performance improvements

The leaked information suggests that the PS5 Pro's GPU will deliver 14.33 teraflops (TFLOPs) of raw power, which means a 40% increase compared to the original PS5. This improved power is expected to result in a 50-60% improvement in rasterization performance and more than a doubling of ray tracing performance.

XDNA2 NPU for graphics upscaling

An additional feature is the inclusion of the XDNA2 Neural Processing Unit (NPU), designed to accelerate Sony's graphics upscaling technique using machine learning. This innovation aims to contribute to an advanced gaming experience.

Contrary to previous reports that suggested a November 2024 launch, the latest leak indicates a potentially earlier September 2024 launch.

Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed from Sony, so things remain in the rumor category. We will of course follow the development and future leaks and rumors anyway.

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