WhatsApp beta updates status feature

WhatsApp beta
Translate from : WhatsApp beta opdaterer statusfunktion
WhatsApp is rolling out a new update via the Google Play Beta program with version The new feature allows users to see mentions in status updates. Coming soon!

WhatsApp is rolling out a new firmware via the Google Play Beta program, upgrading to version The main highlight of this update is the introduction of a tool that allows users to see mentions in status updates, and it is expected to be available in an upcoming release.

This development follows the previous Android beta update, where WhatsApp announced plans for a feature to enable private mentions in status updates. With the latest beta update for Android, users can now mention contacts in their status updates, directly notifying specific individuals and keeping them engaged.

The app further enhances this capability by allowing users to view these mentions. A new user interface is currently in development that will alert users when they are mentioned in a status update. This feature is expected to be launched in a future version of the app.

WhatsApp will continue to improve the user experience by giving users more ways to interact with their network.

These new features will not only make it easier for users to share and update their status, but also increase engagement between users by allowing private mentions.

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