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Are you tired of heavy headsets or do you experience your ears getting too hot when you game for a long time. Then it is worth considering in-ear headsets instead. Antlion Audio has come up with a gaming headset that is built like the popular in-ears we know from our ear buds for e.g. smartphones. However, this headset is aimed at the gamer and comes with a jack plug.

Before we dive into the test itself, we must have looked at the specifications that I have found on Antlion Audio's website.

Specifications of the Kimura Duo

  • Type: In-ear gaming headset
  • Frequency response: -
  • Volume control: -
  • Drivers: -
  • Sound control on headset: -
  • Plug: 3.5mm Stereo input
  • Channels: Stereo.
  • Weight: -
  • Support for the following: PC, Mac, PS, Xbox. Android, iOS, Switch.

All about the Kimura Duo

The Kimura Duo is, as I said, an in-ear wired headset. The housing itself is made to ensure good sound quality, along with sound insulation. It comes with a single premium dynamic driver and a single balanced amature for a perfect mix of bass and precise treble.

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If we take a look at the contents, we have the headset itself, extra earplugs, Y-adapter, travel bag and a manual. The microphone is fixed to the cable.

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The Kimura Duo plugs are made with a transparent design with a combination of blue to tell which model they belong to.

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Since the plugs are in-ear, we also have the option to change the size of the silicone that must go into the ear. Memory foam is also included if you wish to use them instead.

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As mentioned, the microphone is permanently attached to the headset/cable. The microphone has noise-cancelling, which ensures that unnecessary noise is removed so that your teammates can only hear you. At the same time, the size also means that it does not weigh too much, so that the earplug does not fall out.

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The test – The sound, use and comfort

We are now ready for the test itself, where I will go through the comfort, the sound both with music and during games to see how the Kimura Duo from Antlion Audiof performs.

As the Kimura Duo is an in-ear headset, the comfort is also quite different from what we normally test. I don't have a brace that sits and presses up on my head, or cups that might squeeze against my ears. But whether you need to have a headset in your ears is very individual, and for me, I have only experienced earplugs being comfortable once, and that is when they are moulded.

Even so, I find Kimura Duo to be good in many ways. It's not because they come with a high weight, or the microphone pulls down one earbud. Once it is inserted, it is firmly in place and provides good flexibility, in addition to the fact that you are sitting with a cord.

When I look at the sound, I started by putting some music on. Here, the Kimura Duo manages to deliver a really nice sound, especially considering the size. The bass is a bit "mild" in the headset, but still manages to match the music, and not give the feeling that it is lacking.

On to the game part, where I use Rainbow Six: Siege as a reference point for the various headsets being tested. Here I also find that the Kimura Duo does the job incredibly well. They give a good sense of movement around you, and even bring in the small details. It's not because I can locate the opponent exactly, but I get a good indication of the direction of the sound, which gives me the ability to know where he will appear.


I was able to find the Kimura Duo at a price of 180$.

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If you want to read more about the Kimura Duo from Antlion Audio, you can click on the banner above.


We must have put an end to the test of the Kimura Duo from Antlion Audio. A headset that has surprised me from the start. Antlion Audio have really managed to squeeze a lot of good sound into a small headset, along with the flexibility of being able to replace the cable or the units without having to replace the entire headset.

It is not a headset that uses software, nor is it because it needs to. The sound out of the box sounds fantastic, but of course it also depends on the sound card you use. If you are into in-ear headsets, then the comfort will surprise you, positively. Although there is a microphone on the cable, it still sits firmly and at no point did I feel like I had to sit frozen to keep the headset in place. Because it is in-ear, the weight is also incredibly low, and the only thing that can speak against the comfort may be if you can't get it to work, having to have the headset all the way in your ear.

Because it has a jack plug and an adapter is included, it will also be a headset that can be used for different consoles, this gives even more flexibility. The only thing that could have been missing was a cable that either had USB-C or the ability to remove the microphone, in relation to also using the headset for the phone.

Finally, we have the price, DKK 1109 is a lot, and maybe not everyone wants to sacrifice that much for a headset. But those who want, and those who want an in-ear, then you also get something for your money, and I find it difficult to see that you will be disappointed.

Therefore, I also end the test by giving the Kimura Duo a score of 9 out of 10. Which is based on a small product, with good comfort, a good sound and the way to think differently about how a gaming headset can also be built, and do it right.


  • Good sound
  • In-ear
  • Does not require the use of software
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Works for multiple platforms

Not so good

  • Price

Score: 9 treble in-ear Antlion gaming Punchy Kimura Audio headset bass Duo accurate monitors.JPG

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