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Once again we have a visit from EPOS, where this time we will look at a headset with a lower price tag than we previously experienced with the big brother H6PRO. We take a closer look at H3 from EPOS, and see if it can deliver close to the same experience as we have previously experienced with EPOS.

Before we dive into the test itself, we must have looked at the specifications, which have to be dug a little at EPOS, but we have managed to find the information on their site, via the product itself, and a manual that can be downloaded.

Specifications of the EPOS H3

  • Type: Over-ear gamer headset
  • Frequency response: 10 – 30,000 Hz
  • Volume control: On Ear Cup
  • Drivers: -
  • Audio control on headset: Volume
  • Plug: 1 x 3.5mm, 1x 3.5mm/3.5mm
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Weight: 270 grams
  • Support for the following: PC, Mac, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and consoles with 3.5mm input

About EPOS H3

The H3 from EPOS is a plug and play headset, where it uses a 3.5mm jack plug, and it is therefore only the sound card that can help to limit the headset. It comes with the EPOS design and a low weight with high comfort. Alongside that, it makes use of EPOS BrainAdapt technology. https://www.eposaudio.com/en/dk/gaming/epos-brainadapt

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If we open the box and take out the contents, we of course have the headset itself, 3.5mm jack for headset, 3.5mm jack with both input for microphone and headset, and finally some manuals.

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The H3 comes in two different colours, white and black, the latter being the one we received. The hanger is made of artificial leather, and with very soft foam inside.

sound EPOS H3 Play High-quality wired ergonomic Acoustic BrainAdapt Closed Plug and Gaming Headset.JPG

The cups are large and have plenty of room for the ears. Here, it is a combination of artificial leather and fabric that creates a closed design and ensures that the sound is kept inside the headset, and sound from the surroundings does not enter either.

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On the right cup, it is possible to adjust the volume. The button is part of the design and is discreetly built into the headset.

and Play sound H3 Headset Gaming wired EPOS Acoustic ergonomic BrainAdapt High-quality Closed Plug.JPG

On the left cup we have an input for a jack plug, which must be used to be able to connect the headset to the device.

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The test – The sound, use and comfort

Since we are not going to start having set up the headset via software, we are going to start directly with the actual test of the H3 from EPOS. As always, we have to go through a little different to see how the H3 performs when we listen to music, play a little shooter and of course the comfort.

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If we start with the comfort, it is incredibly similar to the other EPOS headsets I have had for testing. The cups are slightly smaller than the H6PRO, and the closed system can also create a good amount of warmth for the ears. The cushions are soft, and even though they are smaller, there is still room for the ears to be nicely covered by the cups. The weight is also so low that the headband can be set to just hit the top of the head and still remain seated, which means that there is no pressure on the top of the head, even with prolonged use.

If we go ahead and look at the sound, I start by throwing some music through the headset. The H3 did the job very well, and the sound was good too. However, it has a bit too much treble, and in some cases too little bass. The music can feel a bit squeezed in, which is no doubt the closed design which is to blame.

Closed and BrainAdapt Acoustic Headset sound Play Gaming EPOS H3 Plug ergonomic wired High-quality.JPG

The last time I was allowed to test the H6PRO Open and Closed, I quickly found out that a Closed headset has a clear advantage when it comes to gaming. Therefore, I also had slightly higher expectations for the headset here. As always, I choose to start up Rainbow Six Siege as my go to game when testing the sound. The H3 from EPOS failed to disappoint here at all. I had a good sense of the sounds around me, especially when it came to footsteps. I could easily hear if something was happening near me, and it gave me an incredibly good overview.


The H3 from EPOS has a price tag of 80$, which can be said to be a stable price.

Closed wired Acoustic BrainAdapt sound EPOS High-quality and Gaming Play Headset Plug H3 ergonomic.png


We have come to the end of the test on H3 from EPOS. H3 makes it simple to be a gamer, and although many manufacturers use USB, EPOS has chosen to stick with the slightly older 3.5mm jack. This naturally means that the demands on the headset become greater, as you cannot depend on a lot of software to be able to adjust the headset in the same way.

Still, EPOS manages to make a headset where, even though I can't change the sound settings, I didn't need to either. The headset worked really well for gaming and it gave a really good sound during games. For the music, the headset was also very good, but I experienced a bit too much treble and too little bass. However, I can see through that, as the sound was still very good, and this headset is probably aimed more at the gamer than the music enthusiast.

If we look at the price itself, a price of under 500 kroner is incredibly reasonable, and you get incredible value for money.

The comfort is also really good, and it feels like they have used the skeleton from their other and expensive models, over to the H3, which makes it sit well and close to the head, but without being uncomfortable. Where comfort can be put to the test is with the closed system. I found that the ears warmed up well because the air could not escape in the same way as their open headsets, which are made with fabric pads rather than imitation leather.

I still end up giving the H3 from EPOS a score of 9 out of 10, along with the "Safe Buy" award. Because if you have a tight budget for a headset, and want to be guaranteed good sound without having to struggle with a lot of software, then you have a safe choice in the H3 from EPOS.


  • Good sound in both music and games
  • No use of software
  • Good Comfort
  • Reasonable weight
  • Price

Not so good

  • The closed system can make the ears warm after a long time

Score: 9 + Safe Buy

Headset EPOS Acoustic sound Gaming Closed BrainAdapt and wired ergonomic H3 Play High-quality Plug.JPG

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