HARMAN opens Audio Engineering Lab in Denmark

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Harman International, which is behind the two brands JBL and Harman Kardon, opens an Audio Engineering Lab in the North Zealand town of Kvistgaard, where engineers develop and research sound for headphones for the whole world. Harman's latest sound laboratory, dedicated to the development of headphones, is the first and only one of its kind in Europe.

For decades, Denmark has been recognized as one of the world's leading countries in sound technology. Among other things, more than 50 per cent of all sales of hearing aids in the world from Danish manufacturers, and there are more than 60 bachelor's and master's programs at Danish universities and vocational colleges where sound is a significant part of the education process.

"As an engineer who has spent my entire career in the audio industry, the opening of our new audio engineering laboratory in Denmark is a very proud moment for me," says Carsten Olesen, President of Consumer Audio at HARMAN. "By expanding our Danish headquarters in Kvistgaard, we are building infrastructure and opening up for innovation, collaboration and ground-breaking results that will drive the audio industry forward. Audio technology is one of Denmark's strongest technology areas, and we are happy to create a place for innovation in our Danish headquarters."

The sound technical laboratory in Kvistgaard includes a workshop where engineers will research and develop innovative technologies. There is also a so-called "Diffuse Sound Chamber" to design and test sound performance according to the "HARMAN Listening Curve", which is a global benchmark for measuring sound quality.

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Local and national collaborations create the sound of the future The sound technical laboratory will employ engineers from all over the world, and a collaboration with Danish universities such as DTU (Technical University of Denmark) will provide the opportunity to work with local, young engineering talents.

Likewise, Harman has also become a member of the Danish Sound Cluster, which is a national organization that represents Denmark's sound industry and promotes sustainable growth and innovation. The members of the Danish Sound Cluster range widely, but they all focus on improving people's lives through innovative sound solutions within hearing, acoustics, noise, sound production and experiences.

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"Sound technology is today one of Denmark's strongest tech areas. In order to maintain and expand that position, the industry's players must work even more closely together. We are therefore pleased that Harman, as one of the world's largest audio manufacturers, has chosen to be involved. It gives us and our members the opportunity to work together in different ways," says Torben Vilsgaard, CEO of Danish Sound Cluster.

"In order to create the best products, it is important to inspire and challenge each other," continues Carsten Olesen. "We need to collaborate with the best actors and young talents in the industry. By utilizing the deep and rich history of audio innovation in Denmark, we look forward to collaborating with DTU and other Danish universities as well as DSC to continue driving audio innovation. "

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