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Danish Jabra is known for providing good audio solutions and today we take a look at whether they can reach the goal with their Elite 10 True Wireless earbuds, which they themselves call their most advanced for both work and leisure.


  • Form factor: 100% wireless earbuds in the ear
  • Earbud design: Semi-open
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Jabra Advanced ANC™
  • ANC on call: Yes
  • Automatic volume adjustment: Yes
  • Number of microphones: 6
  • Microphone type: MEMS
  • Microphone bandwidth: 100 Hz - 8,000 Hz
  • Spatial Sound: Yes, Dolby Atmos with Dolby Head Tracking
  • Sidetone: Yes
  • Mono mode: Yes
  • HearThrough: Yes
  • Noise reduction during calls: Yes
  • Speaker size: 10 mm
  • Speaker bandwidth (music mode): 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
  • Speaker bandwidth (speech function): 100 Hz - 8,000 Hz
  • Supported audio codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Total music time with ANC disabled (earbuds and charging case): Up to 36 hours
  • Music time with ANC off (earbuds): Up to 8 hours
  • Music time with ANC on (earbuds): Up to 6 hours
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth® version: 5.3
  • Earbud weight (each earbud): 5.7g
  • Weight (charging case): 45.9 g
  • IP class (headset): IP57
  • IP class (charging case): IP54

If we look at the list of specifications, I would particularly like to emphasize that we get both ANC and Dolby Atmos, and of course the battery life, which for such a small headset looks very reasonable.

A tour around the Jabra Elite 10

Like most other sets of this type, the Jabra Elite 10 naturally comes assembled in a small transport and charging case. Our version is the Titanium Black version, but the Elite 10 is also available in Cocoa, Cream, Gloss Black and Matte Black. However, the brown cocoa color can only be purchased directly via Jabra's own website.

Jabra Elite 10 colors.jpg

The case is discreetly designed in matt black plastic with pleasant soft shapes and a very subdued Jabra logo on the front. Here there is also a small LED light to indicate the charging status.

Jabra Elite 10 case LED light.jpg

At the bottom there is a USB C connector for charging, but it is also possible to charge the case and earbuds wirelessly via the Qi standard.

The case opens at the top where the lid is held closed magnetically. It makes a very satisfying button when you close it.

Inside there is another small status LED and then of course the two Earbuds which are also magnetically held in place and charged via Pogo pins.

Jabra Elite 10 charging case earbuds True Wireless.jpg

The two earbuds are as muted in design as the case and are pleasantly light with a weight of only 5.7 grams each. The surface has a nice matte soft touch surface that is good at repelling dirt and fingerprints.

On the front of each earbud there is a control button with a Jabra logo. It is the color of this field that distinguishes the three black variants of the Jabra Elite 10.

Jabra Elite 10 accessories.jpg

Placed and held firmly in the ear via the soft silicone tips. It is the medium size that is fitted as standard, but there are large and small silicone tips in the box as well if you need to adapt.


If you want to have access to all options for customizing the Elite 10, you have to go through the Sound+ app on your smartphone.

Here it is possible to get a quick status of the set with things such as the battery status of both the case and the earbuds. You can also choose whether you want to use ANC, HearThrough or neither.

Jabra Sound+ customization of buttons Jabra Elite 10.png

You can also adjust the EQ settings via Sound+. There are six different predefined ones to choose from, or you can customize your very own.

Jabra has also added what they call Soundscapes. Here you can choose from a number of different sounds that you can put on if you want some peace or to dampen other noise around you without wanting to put on music.

There are 12 different presets to choose from with things like White or Pink Noise, songbirds or rain.

The Jabra Elite 10 also supports Dolby Atmos Spatial Sound. Here, via the app, you can also adjust the settings for it and turn head tracking off or on.

Jabra Sound+ In Ear Detection Jabra Elite 10.png

Finally, there is also the option of customizing more practical things such as the functions of the two buttons on the set. Functions can be added to each earbud and it is also possible to activate things such as Voice Assistants such as Google Assistant.

All in all, there is a great deal of functionality to be found in the Sound+ app and much of it can be customized so much that it should be possible for most people to get a setup that suits them.

Jabra Elite 10 comes with In Ear Detection and via the software it is possible to set what should happen with e.g. media playback or calls if you take your earbuds out. It is then possible, for example, to pause music or mute the sound of a conversation by simply removing one or both earbuds.


I've been using the Jabra Elite 10 for a few weeks now for a good mix of music and media content, like movies and series via my phone.

The connection to my Google Pixel phone was very easy and the set was automatically detected the first time I opened the case near the phone via Fast Pairing.

You can connect up to two devices at a time, so it is very easy to switch back and forth between e.g. tablet and phone if needed.

Jabra Elite 10 push buttons.jpg

Fit and comfort have been really good throughout my test. The pre-assembled medium silicone tips fit me just fine.

The low weight means that it has not been a problem to use the set even for a long time and I did not experience any discomfort at any time during my test. Jabra has also ensured that there is built-in pressure compensation, which certainly helps to ensure good comfort.

Jabra Elite 10 fit

The sound in the Jabra Elite is super solid with a nice, well-defined sound image that even at high volume gets the job done without significant distortion. I experienced a bit on especially the high notes when I had turned it all the way up, but it was also at a sound level that I would not recommend anyone to use in anything other than brief cases.

At normal volume level, the Elite 10 set gives you a beautiful and delicious sound image with a good level of detail. The bass is not overwhelming but creates a good feel where solid between tones and high end land well.

There is a little lack of openness and detail if we compare with a good over-ear set, but for an in-ear set, the Elite 10 delivers top-class sound.

The ANC part is reasonable, although it is not the best I have heard. It performs best in sorting out the deeper tones in the background noise, such as from a train or similar. Higher tones such as voices get through more.

Jabra Elite 10 earbuds.jpg

However, the Jabra Elite 10 also wins many points for many of the nice features that come with it. Details such as In Ear Detection and solid Hear Though are super nice to have when you are moving around the world and just need to talk briefly with the clerk at Netto or hear a message on the train.

Jabra itself states the battery life at around six hours with ANC and eight hours with ANC. However, it can be extended to a total of 36/27 hours if you factor in the extra battery time from the eutie. During my test, everything pointed to the indications from Jabra hitting very well.

The microphones on the Jabra Elite 10 are really nice. There are a total of six which partly make sure to catch your voice and partly sort out noise from the surroundings. You get a reasonable and clear sound input if you are in quiet surroundings and there is good voice recognition.

If, on the other hand, you are in a noisy environment, the Elite 10 set also does the job really well. There is good built-in noise reduction that manages to filter out even very noisy environments. However, in certain cases this results in your voice sounding slightly distorted. However, this means that you can still clearly hear what is being said despite the background noise, even if the voice sounds a little more like it is coming from a can.

Hear an example of the sound from the microphones without noise here and then there is an example of the microphones in an environment where there is noise here.


At the time of writing, I can find the Jabra Elite 10 with an online price of just under 300$. This means that they land on the slightly more expensive end, but certainly not the most expensive alternative when you see comparable sets from other manufacturers.


With the Elite 10 set, Jabra has made a nice and complete set of Ture Wireless earbuds. Design and style are of course always a matter of taste, but I love the muted and compact design of the Elite 10.

The choice of finish and materials is really good and especially the total absence of glossy surfaces is just to my taste. This means that you have a set that stays nice to look at for a long time.

The good design follows Jabra by one of the best apps I've tried for a set of earbuds. There is plenty of functionality and flexibility to be found in the Jabra Sound+ app.

Jabra Elite 10 Titanium Black.jpg

Finally, Jabra also hits the mark with the sound in the set, which is delicious and well-defined.

We end up with a final grade of 9 and a Great Product Award for a delicious and complete product.


  • Nice materials
  • Subdued beautiful design
  • Good software
  • Solid sound
  • Lots of functionality via ANC, HearThrough and In Ear Detection


  • Nothing noteworthy

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