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Logitech has been active in 2023 and launched a number of new products in their G Series of gaming products. The newest addition to the lineup is the Astro A50 X, which is a wireless gaming headset that aims to integrate gaming on console and PC.

Earlier this year we looked at other products from Logitech. They have come up with new products in both microphones, like their Yeti GX and Yeti Orb . In the first half of the year, they also launched their Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed headset, which made use of a new type of Graphene audio drivers.

Precisely those drivers are current, because they are the same ones used in the new Logitech G Astro A50 X. In Logitech's own PR material, the set is intended for console gaming, but can also easily be used for PC. In fact, on the included base station it is possible to connect both Xbox, PlayStation and PC at the same time and quickly switch both the video and audio signal between the connected consoles and the sound from the PC.

Logitech itself writes the following in their press release in connection with the launch:


PLAYSYNC technology brings all systems together and is the first of its kind to let gamers bring together their Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC/MAC at once and easily switch between all three gaming systems with a simple click of a button on The A50 X headset. When switching between Xbox and PS5 consoles, PLAYSYNC changes what the gamer sees on their TV and what is heard in the headset. When switching to PC, PLAYSYNC changes what is heard in the gamer's headset. It gives the gamer choice and makes it easy to switch between the preferred gaming experiences as needed.

The A50 X is a two-part Base Station and Wireless Headset system that works directly with high-performance game consoles and 4K UHD televisions with HDMI 2.1 technology. Using HDMI, the Base Station routes audio wirelessly to the A50 X headset while the console's video is passed on to the television without affecting the source's intended fidelity and features such as 4K 120Hz HDR, VRR and ALLM. The result is high-performance video with ultra-low latency.

Audio signals are also routed optimally on the A50 X; when the headset is connected to the Base Station, audio signals are sent along with the video to the connected television. When gamers remove the headset, the audio signals are automatically redirected to the headset, improving the convenience and variety between open or private listening experiences.

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Because sound is such an important component of gaming, the A50 X's PRO-G GRAPHENE Audio Driver has been refined with a 40mm graphene diaphragm with a live edge suspension to deliver unprecedentedly superior sound. The new driver brings improvements in audio reproduction accuracy, time to signal accuracy and distortion reduction, allowing gamers to identify audio objects more clearly and more quickly distinguish their location when objects move relative to the gamer.

Graphene is a ground-breaking material for clear sound, detail and spatial-time precision. With an unprecedented harmonic stiffness, this sound driver reduces distortion while delivering the perfect highs, clear mids and rich bass.

The A50 X headset system is optimized for the multi-platform gamer who demands the highest levels of audio and visual fidelity while demanding both style and design quality. It's also purposefully designed to work with high-performance gaming consoles that use HDMI 2.1 and USB-C connectivity, so the A50 X can deliver uncompressed audio with up to 24-bit fidelity.

The integrated LED status information panel and the magnetic charging holder that snaps into the A50 X base station ensure that the headset's battery is always charged and ready for use.

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Logitech G's award-winning 24-bit LIGHTSPEED wireless technology is a continuously improved pro-grade solution of sound quality, stable connection and efficient battery life. At the same time, the base also has a Bluetooth® connection, which enables gamers to mix chat via Discord with the game sound or to listen to music while gaming.


The A50 X is Logitech G's first headset equipped with an integrated high-resolution 16-bit 48 kHz LIGHTSPEED microphone. The extra bandwidth enables the microphone to pick up a much wider sound spectrum, delivering unmatched performance, clarity and quality in a boom microphone. The A50 X allows gamers to control the Game/Chat mix on Xbox, PC and even their PS5 and balance the volume between game and chat with control directly on the ear.

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