Play and call at the same time with ASUS ROG Delta II

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This year's Computex features AI and high-end CPUs, but hidden underneath is the Asus ROG Delta II gaming headset. With DualFlow Audio, you can listen to two audio sources simultaneously or switch between them. Perfect for intense gaming sessions!

This year's Computex might have you dreaming big about AI and high-end CPUs, but there's also a lot of exciting gadget and accessory news hidden beneath all the AI hype. One of the coolest is the Asus ROG Delta II gaming headset. A new iteration of a gaming headset might not seem that exciting, especially when it has a similar design to other ROG Delta headsets.

But don't let the exterior fool you - this headset will offer remarkable technology. Most notably, Asus' DualFlow Audio feature lets you listen to two different audio sources at the same time via 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth, or switch between them.

So now you can easily take the mobile call from your parents during an intense battle without destroying your valuable KDA score in Call of Duty. It even has two sets of volume buttons, one on each side, so you can separately control the volume of each audio source. Weighing in at 315 grams, the headset also has a modular design that allows you to change ear cushions (both fabric and faux fur cushions are included) and comes with a detachable 10mm microphone.

Asus claims the Delta II will last up to an impressive 110 hours (when the RGB function is off), which if true will be significantly longer than their previous models. And it also promises a mere 40ms latency for Bluetooth, which would give it one of the lowest latencies for a gaming headset.

The Delta II should also provide incredible sound quality thanks to its 50mm titanium-coated diaphragm drivers. It seems impressive, but we'll have to wait and see if they sound as great as Asus claims. The Asus ROG Delta II is confirmed to be available from the third quarter of 2024, when it will try to conquer our guide to the best gaming headsets.

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