Shokz OpenFit Air launches today

Skærmbillede 2024-06-04 171422
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Shokz, known for its innovative headphones with patented open-ear technology, today presents the ultralight OpenFit Air, which combines a refined design with unrivaled comfort.

In connection with the launch of the new OpenFit Air, Shokz has issued this press release:

These headphones, with their modern and elegant appearance, not only offer a sublime sound experience, but also allow users to remain aware of their surroundings thanks to the open ear canal.

The new OpenFit Air are equipped with adjustable and comfortable ear loops and Shokz's characteristic design. The latest generation even offers even better sound quality than previous models.

OpenFire Air Fitness

The headphones are powered by DirectPitch technology, which delivers an impressive sound experience where you can dive into your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks without shutting yourself off from the outside world. In addition, OpenFit Air includes the new Shokz OpenBass Air, a low-frequency enhancement algorithm that delivers a deep and nuanced bass without distortion or unwanted resonance.

The drop-shaped shape means that the headphones sit well and comfortably around the ear. They weigh less than 9 grams and have a soft silicone finish that comfortably adapts to different ear shapes, so they can be worn all day.

SHOKZ_OpenFit Air_Home Work_1.jpg

The intuitively placed and invisible buttons make it a breeze to answer calls when the phone rings. The four microphones capture your voice crystal clear using Adaptive Beamforming, like a fine-tuned orchestra conductor that precisely directs the sound waves. OpenFit Air delivers an impressive range of up to 10 meters with Bluetooth 5.2. And should you be surprised by a sudden shower or push yourself to the limit in the training room, the headphones are well protected against water splashes with their IP54 rating.

With a 0.75mm, ultra-thin and flexible Ni-Ti memory hoop, the Air-Earhook design keeps the headphones securely in place, minimizing pressure and irritation during long listening sessions.

SHOKZ_OpenFit Air_BK_Rendering_06.png

The 18 x 11 mm dynamic composite driver delivers a powerful, full and precise sound reproduction. The dome-shaped diaphragm controls the acoustic vibrations with great accuracy, so that the sound experience remains at its peak.

The earphones provide six hours of battery life on a single charge, and on the go, the case allows for a total of 28 hours of rechargeable playback time. And if it is only possible to reach a quick charge, just 10 minutes in the charger will give a full two hours of listening time.

SHOKZ_OpenFit Air_BK_MultiPoint Pairing.png

OpenFit Air is made in a matte silicone finish and comes in three different colors: pink, white and black. Shokz's headphones do not compromise on either sound, design or safety, while allowing you to immerse yourself in exciting stories or delicious sound experiences.

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