Shokz OpenSwim Pro launches today

Shokz OpenSwim Pro
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Shokz today launches the ultra-lightweight OpenSwim Pro, the first Bluetooth and MP3 compatible sports headphones from Shokz based on their groundbreaking bone conduction technology.

The vibrations of the sound are conducted through the bone in front of the ear, which creates full and detailed sound experiences, without the ear canal being closed by in-ears or over-ear headphones. The feeling of freedom arises especially in water, when you either drift off in a weightless state, or shoot through the water masses while listening to your favorite music in high sound quality.

OpenSwim Pro is the ultimate multi-sport headphone that, with its open-ear design in an ultra-lightweight headband, allows athletes to comfortably stream crystal-clear audio whether they're swimming, running or cycling.

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The open headphones have a flexible Ni-Ti hoop, which is covered with a soft silicone material and biofit design. This fit works well with a swim cap, bike helmet and goggles. During long training sessions, the ergonomic construction ensures all-day comfort, and the secure fit keeps the headphones in place even during hard training.

But OpenSwim Pro isn't just made for athletes who want to stay motivated during training. The open headphones also work optimally when you socialize with colleagues or want to keep in touch with family and friends while you work your way through the day's to-do list.

With a single press of a button on the headphones or in the Shokz app, you easily switch between Bluetooth streaming and MP3 player, which with its 32 GB can store up to 8,000 songs.

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Likewise, switching between products is seamless thanks to multipoint pairing and the use of Bluetooth v5.3, which provides a fast and stable connection.

"Swimmers love OpenSwim, but many asked for a feature that also allows you to use Bluetooth when you're not in the water. That's why we're incredibly proud to add Shokz's recognizable open-ear sound to our most versatile headphone yet , OpenSwim Pro. With both Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, OpenSwim Pro allows athletes to be comfortable, safe and secure in any situation while listening to their favorite music and pushing themselves to the limit" says Vincent Xiong, CEO of Shokz.

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The headphones are designed with Shokz's PremiumPitch 2.0+ and deliver clear sound, powerful volume and a rich bass. The sound can be adjusted to suit all needs with the three EQ modes; swim mode, vocal enhancer mode and default mode. With its two microphones, as well as noise and echo reduction, they are also perfect for calls, providing crystal clear sound whether you are on the move or sitting at your desk participating in online meetings.

OpenSwim Pro has an IP68 rating that allows users to use their headphones for up to two hours under water down to a depth of two meters. Users can also expect up to nine hours of battery life and a quick charge function that ensures that you don't have to complete a training session without music and sound.

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