Arbiter Studio makes keyboards for the discerning

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There is no doubt that the market for Custom Keyboards is growing, and we constantly see new manufacturers entering the market with new designs and special features. One of the new manufacturers is Arbiter Studio, who have just launched their Polar 65 keyboard.

Hall Effect Magnetic Switches

Polar 65 comes, as the name also suggests, in the popular 65% size that we see many Custom Keyboards land in. Polar 65 comes with many of the same features that are now standard in this segment. These are things like Double shot PBT keycaps, RGB lighting, aluminum frame and pre lubed switches and stabilizers.

Arbiter Studios - Polar 65 exploded view.jpg

The big thing that separates the Polar 65 from the average keyboard, and most others on the custom market, are the Magnetic Hall Effect switches that are used. These kinds of switches come with quite unique options to customize the activation point exactly as you like.

Fuji Magnetic Switch.jpg

Traditional mechanical switches have a fixed activation and reset point, but this is not the case with the Fuji Magnetic Switch units used in the Polar 65. Here you have the option to dynamically set the activation point in 20 steps from 0.1 mm up to 3, 8 mm.


It is also possible to activate a Rapid Trigger function which means that the key is activated the moment you press it and resets as soon as you release it. This means you can eliminate any kind of lag.

Polar 65 Barebones.png

So for the demanding players of e.g. FPS games who want super fast switches, it can be a solution that offers options that you don't find with traditional mechanical switches.

Choose color or barebones

Polar 65 comes in a selection of different color combinations and can also be bought in a barebones version without keycaps if you'd rather be responsible for that part yourself. Polar 65 can currently be purchased directly from Arbiter Studios' own website.

Polar 65 colors

Unfortunately, there are currently no options for a Nordic layout, but we can cross our fingers that it will come in time if the popularity increases.

Our mission is to infuse the latest technology into a custom keyboard. Polar 65 is packed with all the premium features of what the custom keyboard market demands and the tech we want to see in a gaming keyboard - the latest magnetic switch technology with unparalleled control over key activation.

Branden Sorrentino, Marketing Manager of Arbiter Studio

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