ASUS ROG Azoth Extreme lives up to its name

ASUS ROG Azoth Extreme
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ASUS is ready with an update to one of their best but also most expensive keyboards when they launch the ROG Azoth Extreme.

The first ASUS ROG Azoth gaming keyboard we reviewed last year received a score of 9 for its features, performance, excellent typing feel and hot-swappable pre-lubed ROG NX mechanical switches.

At Computex 2024, its successor is positioning itself as one of the best 75% TKL gaming keyboards on the market, and from what we've seen so far, it could very well reach those heights. ROG Azoth Extreme has just as many customization options as its predecessor. It is features such as hot-swappable switches, several layers of damping and gasket mounting that are becoming the standard within the premium segment. However, the new version takes things to the next level. Below the keyboard, you can adjust the fit to achieve the desired feel, smooth, springy or more tactile, all with the same switches.

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Underneath the keyboard you'll find magnetic feet that you can attach or detach to adjust the height, a stylish detail that adds to the flexible style. The keyboard now has a full color touch-screen OLED display in the top right corner which can give you information from your computer, tell you how much battery life you have left and even show statistics for the keyboard, e.g. your current typing speed.

The new version of Azoth comes with ROG NV Linear switches, and ASUS confirms that there will also be a Tactile option. Of course, these switches can also be replaced.

The build quality is expected to be excellent in the style of the first version, with a top layer of aluminum, a carbon fiber positioning plate, cushioning foam, silicone and more. As an accessory, it even comes with a comfortable silicone wrist rest, an underrated but welcome addition.

ROG Azoth Extreme is wireless and covers 2.4 GHz, with the option of wired and Bluetooth use. A USB polling rate booster is included, providing true 8000Hz polling - which might be overkill for most applications, but hey, it's called Extreme.

ASUS has yet to announce pricing or an availability date.

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