Mountain Everest 60 Nordic

Mountain Everest 60 NORDIC
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Attention all keyboard enthusiasts! We've had our eyes on the latest and greatest keyboards from Mountain for quite some time. One keyboard that caught our attention about a year ago was the Mountain Everest 60. We were disappointed to find out that it didn't come in a Nordic version, which was a big downside for us. But, we have some exciting news to share! Mountain has just released the Mountain Everest 60 with a Nordic layout, solving the problem we had before. Now, you can enjoy all the amazing features of the Mountain Everest 60 with a layout that fits your needs. Don't miss out on this game-changing keyboard!


  • Colour: Midnight Black
  • Switch Type: 3-Pin Hot-Swappable MOUNTAIN
  • Switch Socket: 3 & 5-pin compatible
  • Stabilizer: Cherry (plate-mounted, lubricated)
  • Layout: Custom, 64 key Nordic
  • Backlight: RGB
  • Key Rollover: NKRO over USB
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz / 1ms
  • Keycaps: PBT double-shot with translucent legends
  • MCU: Cortex M0
  • Onboard memory: Up to 5 profiles
  • On-the-Fly System: Through FN Function Key
  • Connector: USB Type-C
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Product Dimensions: 115×307.2×46.44mm (LxWxH)
  • Product Weight: 768g
  • Materials: Aluminum top cover, ABS bottom cover, Foam, Silicone
  • Software: Support Base Camp

Unsurprisingly, there is nothing new on the list of specifications. The only, but also quite central, change for us here in the Nordics is, as I said, the possibility of a Nordic layout. Personally, for me it is at least a jumping-off point for whether it is a keyboard I want to use in the long run.

Mountain Everest 60 nordic keys.JPG

It is great to see that Mountain now apparently chooses to bet on the Nordic market, that our regional layouts are included in the selection.

Mountain Everest 60 is still equipped with the special features that make it stand out a little in a sea of mechanical keyboards. Among other things, it is the replaceable switches that allow for customization of the keyboard to an incredibly high degree, according to your personal preferences.

Mountain Everest 60 switch

The Mountain Everest 60 comes as standard in two versions, one with Linear Switches and one with Tactile. However, Everest 60 is made to be used with both 3-pin plate-mounted or 5-pin PCB mounted contacts. This means that with the actual housing for the Everest 60 there are quite wide options for choosing other contacts.

At the same time, there is also the option of connecting the external NUM Pad accessory, so you can easily and quickly switch back and forth between a gaming and a work version.

Mountain Everest 60 nordic num pad

We're sending a little cheer that Mountain has addressed our only real complaint in our original review. Mountain Everest 60 is expected to land with the same price as the previous version.

Read our full previous review of the Mountain Everest 60 right here.

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