Apple MacBook Pro M4 in Development

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Apple is working on a new M4-equipped MacBook Pro based on the upcoming A18 chip. Multiple Neural Engine cores are expected to handle AI tasks.

As it stands right now, Apple's upcoming M4 chipset, expected to be based on this year's A18 chip for the iPhone Pro 16 series, will underpin the upcoming MacBook Pro. This was revealed by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his weekly Power On newsletter.

According to Gurman, Apple is "just beginning formal development" of the next-generation MacBook Pro, which he added will have the latest M4 chipset. At the same time, there are separate rumors suggesting that the new chipset will be based on Apple's upcoming A18 chip, which powers this year's iPhone Pro models.


And like its predecessors, it is expected that different variants of the M4 will be introduced, such as Pro and Max options. Both the M4 and A18 chips are also expected to have more Neural Engine cores to handle AI-related tasks.

This is very likely, as Apple CEO Tim Cook was reported to have told investors during an earnings call that the brand's own version of generative AI is expected to debut later this year. With that in mind, Gurman has previously mentioned that these features will be introduced on the next major iOS and macOS firmware updates that will be released around the same time.

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