HP adds AI to its Specter PCs

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Translate from : HP tilføjer AI til deres Spectre PC'er
AI is this year's buzzword at CES, and here HP is naturally also on the bandwagon. HP has presented their latest Specter PCs, which of course now include AI measures.

CES 2024 has been the forerunner of a lot of new initiatives within the tech world. The big buzzword is AI and it takes many different forms. HP is also at CES and has shown several new products, including new Specter AI PCs.

"We believe that the best innovations are also the most personal," said Kong Meng Koh, CEO, Southeast Asia and Korea, HP. "New technologies from HP are delivering solutions that allow us to be more personal than ever before, taking advantage of breakthrough innovations like AI that will change the way technology drives us forward."

At the forefront of HP's push are the new Specter X360 laptops. When these laptops hit the market, users will be able to take advantage of various AI features built into the Specter X360. These AI features include the 9MP camera that adapts to what it sees around you. So if you have a video call, the built-in AI chip will adjust the brightness for you. It also includes safety features like locking when you walk away. This security AI feature simply ensures that you can suddenly leave your laptop and it will lock itself for you.

It's not exactly a new feature on laptops, but HP throws it under the AI tab anyway.


The AI chip also has automatic performance optimization to balance our fan noise and temperature based on the running apps, laptop location and battery status. Specter X360 laptops will be powered by Intel Core Ultra processors. These chips are new and part of Intel's worldwide campaign to put AI into everything. On top of this, there is an option to include an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050.

AI will also sort workloads like photo editing and video editing at a much faster pace. The latest Specter laptops are the first consumer products to have Poly audio tuning. Poly brings decades of sound tuning experience to these devices, delivering the best voice clarity and remarkable sound. Further enhance calls and video with Windows Studio effects, which transfer AI features such as automatic cropping, background blurring and the ability to maintain eye contact to the NPU for engaging connections.

The latest Specter laptops also offer updated displays, with up to a 2.8K OLED screen for sharper images and more vibrant colors, along with an IMAX Enhanced Certification for movie viewing.

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