M3 Chips in new MacBook Air and iPad Pro

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According to analysis, Apple is preparing for a massive launch in March with new MacBook Air and iPad Pro devices, both equipped with M3 chips.

Rumors point to Apple gearing up for a huge March launch of new technology. The information comes from a report by a reputable analyst, Mark Gurman's latest Power On Newsletter. The company, perhaps unsurprisingly, plans to launch new products, including the MacBook Air and iPad Pro, both equipped with the new M3 chips.

The M3 chip announced by Apple last year is expected to make its debut among the new devices. Last year, the world saw the first iterations of the M3 with the MacBook Pro and the redesigned iMac.

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This release features a new iPad after a one-year hiatus. Every year, Apple launches new updates to MacBooks, especially with the MacBook Air, which is now to be upgraded with the M3 chip. According to Mark Gurman's latest Power On Newsletter, Apple is updating the chipset used by the MacBook Air and continuing to offer both 13-inch and 15-inch variants, both equipped with the M3.


According to the reports, there will be no drastic changes to the MacBook Air. The design and appearance remains the same, but with the new and powerful chip. However, both screen sizes will be released simultaneously in this M3 upgrade, unlike last year's 15-inch MacBook Air, which didn't come out until a year later. The most significant update is probably the iPad Pro M3.

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According to 9to5 Mac, this will be the long-awaited upgrade to the tablet, which now gets a 12.9-inch OLED screen. It will be accompanied by the upgraded Magic Keyboard with an aluminum base and a new "landscape" front-facing camera that other Android tablets have already offered.

Apple is expected to launch both the MacBook Air and iPad Pro in March. After several speculations about the fate of the iMac and the upcoming update from the company due in 2024, Apple exceeded expectations by releasing a new model with the latest M3 chip. October 2023 brought one of Apple's special events, called Scary Fast, right on Halloween day. Here they introduced two computers with the M3 chipset, their latest 3nm development.

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Apple finally gave the iMac an upgrade with its 24-inch screen, about two years after it first got its M1 adoption from the Intel processors. Also, there was the unexpected update of the MacBook Pro that now offers M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max options for users to choose from.

Analysts and speculators believe that 2024 will be a completely new chapter for Apple and their M3. This will particularly focus on the other computers and devices that use their flagship M-series chips. The latest update from Gurman confirms this, with the MacBook Air getting the M3 treatment along with its two size variants, the 13- and 15-inch, and the iPad Pro also getting a new 12.9-inch display with the 3nm chipset.

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