Modular Laptop Display Concepts

Dual monitor laptop concept
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The Compal DualFlip laptop is an innovative solution adapted to the digital professional. With a specially designed hinge and additional 13.3" screen, it increases productivity and offers a tablet-like experience.

The Compal DualFlip laptop is equipped with a specially designed hinge that allows an additional 13.3-inch screen to be folded out either above or next to the main screen. This will cater to users who need a dual-display setup to optimize their productivity.

It will work seamlessly for digital creatives, developers and many more. The design of the Compal DualFlip laptop also allows the keyboard to be removed for a tablet-like user experience. The laptop is the winner of the iF Design Guide award and identifies how computing equipment may develop in the near future.


This concept laptop really shows how far technology has come. With its versatility and adaptability, it can satisfy the needs of a wide range of digital professionals. Whether it's to create a multitasking environment to simplify workflow or to offer a more intuitive user experience, the Compal DualFlip laptop is an exciting advancement in computer design.

However, it is important to remember that the design is currently a concept and therefore not a physical product yet. Although the idea is good, it is not the first time we have seen concepts for laptops with multiple screens. So far, however, none of them have made it onto the mainstream market.

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