New Asus and MSI gaming laptops: RTX AI PC

Translate from : Nye Asus og MSI gaming laptops: RTX AI PC
Nvidia claims that GPUs are better at handling AI tasks than NPUs. They announced the RTX AI Toolkit and gave a demo for Project G-Assist. Nvidia also highlighted 'RTX AI PC' for upcoming gaming laptops.

Nvidia took big steps on Sunday when they announced several new products and services for AI innovations for desktops. The company introduced its RTX AI Toolkit, which is designed for developers who want to build apps and experiences on their platform. In addition, they showed a technology demo for Project G-Assist, an AI assistant with gaming knowledge.

Additionally, the company hinted at the upcoming launch of gaming laptops from Asus and MSI branded 'RTX AI PC'. These laptops will have GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs and energy-efficient systems-on-a-chip with Windows 11 AI PC features.

Nvidia also highlighted that these Windows 11 AI PCs will receive a free update to Copilot+ PC experiences when they become available. In a blog post, Nvidia claimed that its GPU platforms are better suited to handle heavier AI workloads than NPUs.

Although NPUs are optimized for performance, Nvidia's GPUs can handle up to 1,000 TOPS (trillions of operations per second), compared to Microsoft's claimed 50 TOPS. However, it's worth noting that the gaming laptops will run on AMD's latest Strix CPUs.

This is interesting as Microsoft previously announced a collaboration with Snapdragon for their Arm-based chipsets running on NPUs. While it's not clear when the gaming laptops from Asus and MSI will be upgraded to the "Copilot+ PC" category, they are expected to be available in July as RTX AI PCs.

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