Rising Mac Security Threat

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Beware of MacStealer and AMOS, Malwarebytes warns. Mac devices will no longer be safe from cyber threats by 2024, according to new research.

Buying a Mac device to stay safe from cybersecurity threats isn't a tactic that will work well in 2024, new research claims. A new report from Malwarebytes has claimed that threats to Apple's Mac devices are on the rise, suggesting that users need to be vigilant while surfing the dangerous waters of the Internet, regardless of the device they are using. "The days of "my Mac is safe" and "Macs don't get malware" are definitely over.

There are many signs that criminals are noticing the platform's growing popularity by enabling attacks that target both Windows and Mac users at the same time," Malwarebytes wrote. According to the company's 2024 State of Malware report, MacStealer is a relatively new infostealer , which targets Mac users and is quickly gaining popularity.


MacStealer is an information-stealing malware capable of grabbing cookies, passwords and credit card data from Firefox, Google Chrome and Brave browsers. It can exfiltrate various file types including .txt, .doc, .jpg and .zip. Furthermore, MacStealer can extract the KeyChain database. Some researchers suggest that the malware's developers are also working on making the tool retrieve information stored in the Safari browser and the Notes app.

In the report, Malwarebytes also warned of a campaign it discovered in September 2023 that spread Atomic Stealer (also known as AMOS) to Mac users via malicious advertising. Like MacStealer, AMOS can steal passwords from browsers and Apple's KeyChain. AMOS can also grab various files and even steal people's cryptocurrency. Furthermore, malware accounted for 11% of all threat detections on Macs last year. Beyond that, Potentially Unwanted Programs and Ads was by far the largest category, accounting for 30% of all threat detections. Other notable mentions include Adware.OperatorMac (13%), OSX.Genieo (11%), and OSX.Vsearch (11%).

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