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We swung by Corsai's suite at Computex this year. Their big news was their iCue Link, which aims to make it easier to assemble a PC, despite RGB and the need for software control.

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Corsair was one of the last stops on our Computex journey, and we were pressed for time. Thankfully, Corsair had a Dane on board, namely Hans Peder Sahl, or HP, who some of you may recognize from his stunning PC builds.

Experience Corsair's Suite in the comfort of your native language for a stress-free tour!

Check out our conversation with HP below. We chatted with him for so long that we didn't have time to take our own photos from Corsair's Suite, so we had to make do with pictures and videos provided by Corsair.

Unlock the Power of Corsair Link

Corsair Link is designed to make building a PC simpler and more efficient, while also providing an effortless way to manage and control your system. With Corsair Link, you can easily integrate software and take the hassle out of PC assembly.

Assembling a PC can be a daunting task, especially when you're dealing with RGB lighting and extra cables. But controlling fans, RGB lights, and other devices doesn't have to be a nightmare. Make PC building easier with our top tips for managing cables and devices.

Take your system to the next level with software control, like fan control, RGB lighting, and system monitoring for an even greater challenge.

Corsair is aiming to tackle the issue with their iCUE Link system, which they plan to expand into a full-fledged ecosystem with additional components. Later in 2020, HydroX parts are expected to be released, if all goes according to plan.

This year at Computex, Corsair unveiled their newest iCue Link compatible fans and AIO solutions. Get the latest in cooling technology and increase your system's performance with these revolutionary products!


Discover the power of iCue Link! Each unit in the system is equipped with a tiny chip that instantly identifies it, allowing the system to recognize and register the device automatically. Unlock the potential of your system with iCue Link!

Connect your units with ease - no cables required! Our fans feature magnetic connectors that link them together without the need for wires.

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Connect power and data with the plug and arrange them in any order you desire - no need to worry about the order of devices at the beginning. However, for practical reasons, a few units will need to be the last in the series.


Maximize your system's potential with the iCue Link Hub and its two channels, each capable of connecting up to seven compatible iCue Link devices. All devices are connected to the Hub, which is then connected to your system, allowing you to take full advantage of your setup.

Experience the power of the new iCUE Link Hub! This PCIe connector-powered device delivers more than enough power to the connected devices for maximum performance.

Unlock the Power of HydroX and iCue Link

Check out Corsair's new HydroX parts for water cooling, revealed at Computex - get ready for a major refresh!

Take advantage of the iCue Link system with the latest parts! Enjoy the same easy connection and control as the rest of the series.

Discover the latest CPU blocks with and without a mini LCD display! Upgrade your system today and get the most out of your computing experience.

iCue Link XC7 RGB Elite LCD

Discover the latest pump and reservoir combination! Choose between devices with or without LCD displays for the perfect fit for your needs.


Corsair is taking a more open approach to graphics cards cooling with universal cooling blocks. These blocks are not designed for one specific card, but rather fit a wide variety of cards, offering greater flexibility for users.

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This innovative water cooling system is designed to fit the GPU chip perfectly, making it a universal solution for almost all graphics cards in a series. Additionally, the built-in air cooler ensures optimal cooling of RAM and VRM parts, providing superior airflow.

iCue Link XG3 RGB

Corsair has developed cooling blocks that are compatible with more than 100 different cards in a series, making production more cost-effective and providing customers with more affordable prices. Furthermore, it simplifies the search for the right cooling block for your graphics card.

HydroX parts are set to arrive in the second half of the year - don't miss out!

iCue Software: Get the Most Out of Your Technology with Our Innovative Solutions

Maximize your online visibility with iCue Link! When you have all the physical iCue Link devices installed and connected to their Hub, you can easily monitor and control them with iCue. Get the most out of your system with iCue Link today!

Discover the latest iCue Link launch and all the exciting new features of the iCue software! Gone are the days of having to download a large file for iCue compatible devices - now it's just a tiny file. Get the most out of your iCue experience with the latest update!


Make sure your iCue device is always up-to-date with the latest software! With automatic downloads, you'll never have to worry about manually downloading the modules for your mouse, keyboard, or HydroX part. Connect your iCue device and the necessary software will be downloaded quickly and easily.

Make the most of your new iCue Link devices with a streamlined setup process. With the latest iCue software, you no longer have to manually select the devices you have connected - it's all done for you automatically!


Discover the convenience of iCue Link technology: with a tiny chip, the system automatically scans and identifies all devices connected to your system. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of this revolutionary technology!

Gain more clicks on Google with this guide to independently controlling each component connected to your iCue Link Hub. Learn how to customize your setup for maximum control and flexibility.


Say goodbye to traditional daisy chaining! With iCue Link, you can customize the settings of each individual fan unit, so you don't have to settle for the same light or speed settings for all fans connected in series. Unlock the full potential of your PC with iCue Link!

Corsair's new iCue link packs a ton of advanced technology into a compact package, and if its performance at Computex is any indication, it's going to be a breeze to use. Get ready to experience the convenience and intelligence of this cutting-edge tech!


Don't worry about compatibility - existing Corsair components will still work with the new iCue software! Upgrade to the latest version of iCue Link and the new iCue software, and you can be sure that your current Corsair components will still be compatible.

Affordable Prices

Discover the latest tech and development from Corsair, without breaking the bank! Although there is no fixed price announcement from Corsair yet, their existing products are already competitively priced, so you don't have to worry about a huge jump in cost.

Discover the amazing benefits and possibilities of the new iCue Link system - it's worth the price compared to earlier generations!

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