Complete System

Also known as the “build,” the complete system is what makes up a computer as a whole. With every piece of hardware and cooling installed. Complete with RGB, case mods, you have it.

As hardware enthusiasts, we make custom PCs regularly. We love to build them, and we love to share them with you. And, of course, we review and benchmark them to spread the inspiration and our devotion to hardware.
You can also find news stories of other cool builds out there and complete gaming PCs on the market. Or even guides on how to make your very own custom build, and what works well together.

LATEST POSTS IN Complete System

Guides - 18 Jul  

MSI AMD Gaming PC Build


MSI challenged us with building an AMD-based gaming machine on a budget of around $1,150. We are ready to share the result. ... READ MORE

Unikitty Gaming PC
Guides - 15 May  

Unikitty Gaming PC Build - Rainbows and kittens!


Not all Gaming systems has to be dark and masculine. Sometimes it’s nice to break out the glitter and bring some sparkle to the gaming space. Th ... READ MORE

AMD Threadripper Workstation Build
Reviews - 25 Mar  

AMD Threadripper Workstation Build- Review


Today’s task is an upgrade of the system that we’ve been using to edit the videos of our YouTube channel for the past two years. The system has ... READ MORE

Project Deathstroke – an ASUS ROG build
Reviews - 14 Feb  

Project Deathstroke – an ASUS ROG system build


Last year, we met with ASUS, and a budding idea about building a complete ROG system emerged. That budding idea came to life, and we can now unveil ou ... READ MORE