Arctic Freezer 4U-M for the big jobs

Translate from : Arctic Freezer 4U-M til de store opgaver
CPU cooling for the large server and workstation CPUs requires a lot, and Arctic is ready with their Arctic Freezer 4U-M. It can handle CPUs with a TDP up to 350W TDP. At the same time, it can be used for both AMD Threadripper and Epyc and Intel Xeon platforms.

The Freezer 4U-M cooler from Arctic is designed for the server market and has a long list of compatible platforms, both on Intel's LGA 4189 and LGA 4677, but also for AMD SP6, sTR5, SP3, TR4, sTRX4 and sWRX8. On top of that, it's designed to fit into places where space is limited with a height of just 145mm. This means that, despite the good cooling efficiency, it should fit in most 4U server racks as well as 4U consumer cases.


In relation to space, RAM has also been thought of and the Freezer 4U-M here has a clearance of 53mm to ensure the best possible interaction with RAM modules with smaller heatsinks. That combined with a size of 156x124mm means that it will also be suitable for Dual Socket systems.


The fans are from Arctic's award-winning P series of fans and come in a Push-Pull setup that ensures the best possible cooling. The fans are with dual ball bearings, which are designed to be used in 24/7 scenarios that many server and workstation systems need.


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