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Another cooler from Cooler Master has found its way to the test bench. This time we are over in the AIO solution, and we will see how a 360mm water cooler can perform when we put it together with 12900K. We take a look at the Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB, a cooler which, among other things, comes with a new dual chamber pump and CryoFuze performance thermal paste.

Before we take a closer look at the Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB, I have found the specifications from Cooler Master's website.

Technical Specifications:

  • Intel Socket: 115X, 1200, 1700
  • AMD Socket: FM1, FM2, FM2+, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, AM5
  • Fan Size: 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm
  • Fan Speed (100%): 1750 rpm
  • Noise Level (100%): 27,2 dBA
  • Pump speed (rpm): -
  • Tube length (mm): -
  • Size & Weight radiator
    • (H x W x D) 397 x 119,6 x 27,2
    • - kg

About the Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB

The MasterLiquid 360L Core ARGB is a new all-in-one water cooler in the MasterLiquid series. It comes with a new Gen S dual chamber pump, a redesigned radiator that is larger in size. In addition, it has ARGB 120mm fans and comes with CryoFuze thermal paste.

Pump AIO Pump Masterliquid Core Dual Profile Radiator 360L Loop Master ARGB Premium Dual Low ARGB Chamber watercooler Cooler.JPG

Let's take a look at the accessories that come with it, and we'll get what we need to be able to mount on the most common Intel and AMD systems. An adapter is included to connect the three fans to the radiator, as well as cables from the ARGB connection, thermal paste, and a manual.

Pump ARGB Radiator Pump Low watercooler Premium Dual Masterliquid 360L Profile Master ARGB Loop Core Cooler Dual AIO Chamber.JPG

The Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB comes with three 120mm ARGB fans. They have been optimized to provide high performance. They can run up to 1750 rpm and, with the help of the BIOS, you can use the PWM function to adjust the speed according to the temperature. They have an air pressure of 1.86mm/H2O and a CFM of 71.93.

Core Master Premium AIO Pump Dual Dual Loop Profile watercooler ARGB Cooler Chamber 360L ARGB Radiator Pump Low Masterliquid.JPG

The pump head is equipped with copper at the base, in order to provide the best cooling possible and has been boosted with water flow and pressure to improve cooling and performance.

Pump Profile ARGB 360L Pump Dual Core Chamber Premium Radiator Master Loop Masterliquid Dual watercooler ARGB Low Cooler AIO.JPG

Dual Profile Low ARGB Premium 360L AIO Cooler Loop Pump Dual Pump Chamber watercooler Radiator Masterliquid Core ARGB Master.JPG


The Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB comes with different brackets depending on if it is for Intel or AMD. It requires a quick look or knowledge to know which parts to use. However, it is an easy and flexible system where the brackets are screwed onto the pump head, and then it can be assembled with the accompanying accessories.

Profile Masterliquid Dual Radiator Loop watercooler 360L Pump Master AIO ARGB Low Dual Pump Core Cooler Premium ARGB Chamber.JPG

AIO Masterliquid Loop Premium Master Profile 360L Pump Core Dual Dual Pump Cooler ARGB Low Radiator Chamber watercooler ARGB.JPG

Testing - Usage and Performance

Test System

  • MSI MEG Z690 Unify
  • Intel I7 12900K
  • MSI Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
  • 32 GB HyperX Fury DDR5 5200 MHz CL36
  • Samsung 970 EVO 500 GB SSD

Test Software

  • Cinebench (Benchmarking)
  • HWinfo64 (Monitoring)


The test is set up so that we first warm up the system with Cinebench for 5 minutes. Then it runs for another 10 minutes where we measure the average temperature in HWiNFO64. We then subtract the room temperature at the given time to get the delta temperature in order to give as neutral a picture as possible. The fans are set to run at full speed so we get a picture of the maximum cooling performance with the load we are giving it. This should give a realistic picture of how much strain can be put on the different coolers, and whether they can take more or less than what we give them.

After doing some research on the Intel Core i9 12900K and its heat generation, I have decided to turn off Hyper-Threading in order to give the cooler a chance to show what it can do, rather than the CPU pushing it to its maximum. All future tests will be run this way.

Dual Masterliquid Pump 360L Pump Dual ARGB Cooler AIO Premium watercooler Profile ARGB Core Low Loop Master Chamber Radiator.JPG


Room Temperature: ~ 26 degrees

Fan Speed: ~ 1750 RPM

We start the test by setting the system up in idle. This results in a 2 degree delta temperature. It's a good start, even though this is not where we can see how well the cooler actually performs.

Chamber Radiator Dual watercooler Pump AIO Pump Premium ARGB Profile Cooler 360L ARGB Masterliquid Dual Loop Master Core Low.png

Moving on to the most decisive part of the test, we have had the Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB running and it has ended with a result of 46 degrees in delta temperature. This is a great result, actually being the best among the ones tested so far.

Loop Master Masterliquid Radiator watercooler Pump Profile Cooler Premium ARGB ARGB Dual Chamber Core 360L Pump Dual AIO Low.png

Noise Level

Core Cooler Pump Low Chamber Dual ARGB Profile ARGB watercooler Masterliquid Loop Premium Dual AIO Pump Radiator Master 360L.jpg

During the test at full speed, the cooler ended with a sound level of approximately 26.9 dBA, which is the highest among the tested systems.

watercooler AIO Masterliquid ARGB Master Pump Dual Low Core Pump Loop Chamber Profile Radiator ARGB Premium Cooler 360L Dual.png


It has not been possible to find a price for the Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB, but I have been informed of an MSRP USD 119.85. If you would like a smaller model, the Masterliquid 240L Core ARGB can be acquired for USD 95.88 in MSRP.

Dual Pump Premium Master ARGB AIO 360L ARGB Dual Profile Loop Chamber Core Pump watercooler Masterliquid Radiator Low Cooler.jpgIf you would like to find out more about the Cooler Master Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB, please click on the banner. The price in USD is (Denmark currency price * 0.15).


It is time to round off the test of the Cooler Master Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB. Cooler Master has not managed to stand out from the crowd with revolutionary technology. But they have still managed to improve a few things that have borne fruit when we look at the result. For the Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB, it comes with a really nice result and ends up being the cooler that achieves the lowest temperature of the tested models.

In addition to this great result, it is also a water cooling that comes with a beautiful design, combining the classic and sleek style with RGB. The colors are beautiful and it harmonizes incredibly well if you are of course into that kind of thing.

The installation is easy and straightforward. Of course, it requires that you familiarize yourself with how much of the accompanying material should be used.

It can quickly become a lot of wires when connecting both the fans, pump, and ARGB. But the combination of adapters to tie it all together, so that all inputs on the motherboard are not used up, works really well and makes it easy to tie it all together.

Taking the price into consideration, it lies on the good side of 1000 Danish Kroner, where we have often seen 360mm coolers on the other side of 1000 Danish Kroner. This makes the Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB have an attractive price, especially with its performance.

At the current exchange rate of 0.15 USD per Danish Kroner, the price of the Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB is approximately 150 USD.

Although we achieved a great result, it comes with a small caveat, as the noise was correspondingly high, and it's like hearing turbines running at full pressure when they blow out 100%. But it again shows that they move a lot of air and cool the water down.

I end up giving the Cooler Master Masterliquid 360L Core ARGB a score of 9 out of 10, along with great product. The performance is high for a good price. The only thing that might turn people away is the noise at 100%. But it is still rare scenarios where it runs at such high speed.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive design and RGB
  • Price 
  • Performance


  • Noise Level

Score: 9+ Great Product

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