Enermax LIQMAX FLO 360mm

Aurabelt LIQMAX Chamber Enermax FLO 360mm water AIO dual-convex Patented all-in-one cooler Dual
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We have a new guest in the house. Enermax has been kind enough to send us some equipment that we can look at. This time it is an AIO water cooling, with the name Enermax LIQMAX FLO 360mm. It comes with an advanced dual champer pump, which is also equipped with a small 60mm fan. A thicker radiator of 38mm and incredibly beautiful colors with its RGB.

Before we have a closer look at Enermax LIQMAX FLO 360mm from Enermax, I have found the specifications from Enermax's website.

The technical specifications:

  • Intel Socket: 115X, 1200, 1366, 1700, 2011, 2011-3, 2066
  • AMD Socket: AM4, AM5
  • Fan Size: 120mm x 120mm x 26.8mm
  • Fan Speed (100%): 1800 rpm
  • Noise Level (100%): 23.46 dBA
  • Pressure: 2.4 mm H2O (Max)
  • Pump speed (rpm): 1200-3000 RPM
  • Pump connector: 4-pin
  • RGB connector: ARGB
  • Tube length (mm): -
  • Size & Weight radiator
    • (H x W x D) 400 x 120 x 38 mm
    • - kg

All about Enermax LIQMAX FLO 360mm

Enermax LIQMAX FLO 360mm is an AIO water cooling. Like using a small fan on the pump, trying to create a product that can compete with the expensive brands, but at a better price. The radiator has been made thicker and the fans come with a low noise level. The cover for the pump head itself is magnetic and can be rotated so that the logo stands correctly, no matter how you mount the cooler.

Patented water 360mm LIQMAX cooler Aurabelt AIO Chamber all-in-one dual-convex Dual Enermax FLO.JPG

Unlike many others that we have had for testing, Enermax does not stop at being able to be used for different CPUs. Especially Intel, comes with mounting, for even the older sockets, including 1366 and 20xx. However, AMD will only supply their AM4 and AM5, which of course should also cover most. Next to the mounting kit, a small RGB hub is included, and a cable that extends the connector to the fan. We also get a maintenance kit, to be able to fill more liquid in the radiator.

Patented Dual dual-convex Aurabelt Chamber cooler AIO FLO 360mm all-in-one water LIQMAX Enermax.JPG

Enermax, does not disclose the name of the fans for their Enermax LIQMAX FLO 360mm. However, I will assume it is their own, as they do not run with normal 4-pin connectors, but instead a form of 8-pin which can be daisy chained. The idea is incredibly clever, because the cable here not only provides power for the fan, but it also provides control of ARGB, which extends the cable used to connect respectively 4-pin and ARGB on the motherboard. They have a maximum speed of 1800 RPM and a noise level of 23.46 dBA.

water Aurabelt all-in-one cooler LIQMAX Enermax AIO Dual Patented dual-convex Chamber FLO 360mm.JPG

As previously mentioned, the pump head has a slightly different construction. Where a 60mm fan has been mounted on it. The pump head has a speed of 1200-3000 RPM and the small fan also hits 3000 RPM.

Enermax 360mm cooler Chamber Dual FLO AIO water all-in-one Aurabelt LIQMAX dual-convex Patented.JPG

Dual water dual-convex FLO Enermax Aurabelt all-in-one Chamber cooler AIO LIQMAX Patented 360mm.JPG


As mentioned, a lot comes with the various sockets. It's also all collected in a bag, so there's nothing to do but get it all out, and collect it for what needs to be used. The screws and the plate are made so that it can only fit in one way, and it is easy to assemble.

Dual Enermax AIO FLO Chamber LIQMAX all-in-one 360mm cooler Patented dual-convex water Aurabelt.JPG

As it is Intel, the bracket is placed behind the motherboard, and fixed with screws, which must also ensure that the pump head is mounted.

Aurabelt AIO Dual 360mm Enermax all-in-one cooler Chamber Patented FLO water dual-convex LIQMAX.JPG

AIO Dual 360mm FLO Enermax Aurabelt cooler Patented LIQMAX Chamber water all-in-one dual-convex.JPG

The Test – Use and Performance

Test system

  • MSI MEG Z690 Unify
  • Intel I7 12900K
  • MSI Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
  • 32 GB HyperX Fury DDR5 5200 MHz CL36
  • Samsung 970 EVO 500 GB SSD

Test software

  • Cinebench (Benchmark)
  • HWinfo64 (Monitoring)


The test is set up so that we first warm up the system with Cinebench for 5 minutes. Then run it further for 10 minutes where we measure the average temperature in HWiNFO64. We then finally subtract the room temperature at the given time and land on a delta temperature to give as neutral a picture as possible. The fans are set to run at full speed, so that you get a picture of the maximum cooling performance with the load we are now giving it. It should give a real picture of how much you can stress on the different coolers, and whether they can take more or less than what we give it.

**After following up a bit on the I9 12900K and heat generation, I have chosen to turn off Hyper-Threading, to give the cooler the opportunity to show what it can do, rather than pushing the CPU to its maximum. All tests in the future will run like this.

The measurements:

  • Room temperature: ~ 23 degrees
  • Fan speed: ~ 1800 RPM
  • TDP: 201W

We start quietly at idle with Enermax LIQMAX FLO 360mm. Here it achieves a slightly "high" delta temperature of 4 degrees.

Enermax Aurabelt Dual AIO Chamber 360mm Patented FLO LIQMAX water all-in-one cooler dual-convex.png

When I start the test itself, and we let the cooler sweat a bit, the Enermax LIQMAX FLO 360mm comes in handy again. Here we end up with a result of 47 degrees in split temperature. It fits in nicely among many of the others, where it neither stands out positively nor negatively.

Patented dual-convex Enermax all-in-one AIO Aurabelt 360mm LIQMAX cooler water Chamber Dual FLO.png

Noise level

Aurabelt Dual LIQMAX water cooler AIO all-in-one Chamber 360mm Enermax Patented dual-convex FLO.jpg

Our noise measurements were made with a UNI-T UT353 dB meter. The measurements were made in a "real world" setup and therefore not in a sound chamber. External influences have of course been tried to be reduced as much as possible, but as I said, this has not been done in a sound chamber. Our measurements must therefore most of all be taken as a general indicator and not a scientific measurement. They primarily serve as a basis for comparison across tested products, which are always tested under as comparable conditions as possible.

cooler LIQMAX 360mm FLO all-in-one dual-convex Enermax AIO Patented Dual Chamber water Aurabelt.png


Enermax LIQMAX FLO 360mm has not come to market now, under test. But I have been informed of the MSRP of 130$.

cooler water AIO Dual all-in-one Enermax LIQMAX dual-convex Chamber Patented 360mm Aurabelt FLO.jpg If you want to find more information about LIQMAX FLO 360mm from Enermax, you can click on the banner.


The time has come to pick up the test of the LIQMAX FLO 360mm from Enermax. A cooler which, in addition to looking a bit special, comes with a reasonable price and performance.

The assembly itself is very easy, and very similar to other coolers that have been tested. Where it differs markedly is especially with connectors, which do not use the standard 4-pin and ARGB connector next to it. Here, Enermax has chosen to use a connector that manages to connect both RGB and 4-pin in one. The connector is assembled in a hub, and then connected to the motherboard.

This means that you do not have to work with a lot of cables, and can create a nice look in the cabinet. Unfortunately, it also means that you don't just choose other fans instead, as the system here is a little more closed.

If we look at the performance itself, the LIQMAX FLO 360mm comes with a nice result, although it does not come out with the lowest temperature, it has a low noise level, despite the fact that it uses a small fan on top of the pump head.

It all comes with a good price, where we are around the 120$ kroner for a 360mm AIO, which also makes it competitive compared to other models.

I end the test by giving the LIQMAX FLO 360mm from Enermax a score of 8 out of 10. Do you agree with the desire for a cooler that has RGB, but uses fewer "visible" cables. Then the LIQMAX FLO 360mm would seem like an obvious candidate. Where you still get reasonable performance and a low noise level.


  • Easy to install
  • Different design
  • Great noise level
  • Good performance
  • Price
  • Uses special plugs


  • Uses special plugs

Score: 8 Aurabelt LIQMAX Chamber Enermax FLO 360mm water AIO dual-convex Patented all-in-one cooler Dual.JPG

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